Box Office Box Office Box Office! All sorts of random data

The weekend figures have been totaled now, which means bollywoodhungama and other sites are putting out their analysis.  And I am going to steal their figures and do my own analysis.

First, best overseas figures of 2016.  Everyone realizes we are only a month into 2016, right?  So really, this is best overseas figures for the past month.  But that is still interesting.  Airlift did best, 5.18 million in dollars.  Then Wazir, 2.97 million dollars.  And then KKHH3 at 0.105 million, and Mastizaade at 0.075 million.

Oh Wazir, you are just sad!  You’ve been out two whole weeks more than Airlift, and you only made about half as much.  But whatever, it’s a VVC film, they’ve still got all that PK money to roll around in, low box office here won’t really hurt them.  And there may be a late surge, thanks to the rumors making the rounds that Aditi Rao Hydari is the reason for the Farhan marriage breaking up.

Airlift is doing well, and when you factor in the low number of screens in most countries (excepting the UAE), it is doing really really well!  Definitely a good diaspora film, I say again that it was a huge mistake not to push for more prints to go overseas.

KKHH3 and Mastizaade, not doing so hot overseas, but that’s to be expected.  The diaspora audience in general is going to be a lot more family oriented.

Airlift specific numbers are also available, and it is still chugging along towards 200 crore. And as of this week, it is making more money in UAE than in North America.  Isn’t that interesting? It was filmed in the UAE, and it’s a movie specifically about the Middle Eastern NRI community, so of course it would do well there.  But this is like notably well.  Which means filmmakers might start looking at it and it might change the trends of promotions and content for other films, making them a little bit more middle east focused.  Happy New Year already went after this market a little, with the Dubai setting of the second half.  Oh, and Bang Bang did also!  But that felt more like it was convenient for the stars (Shahrukh has a house in Dubai) than a calculated business decision going after that market.  Although actually, Dhoom 3 released the title track in Arabic as well as Hindi (I actually like the Arabic version better), which was a definite move on that market.  So people have already been dipping their toe in the water of going after the Middle Eastern market.  But Airlift just dived all the way in, and it is paying off in a big big way.  I’ll be interested to see if we start getting a surge of rom-coms, action films, and comedies that really use the Middle Eastern setting, more than just background in a song sequence or an action scene.  Like what happened with Australia a few years back.



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