Two Trailers, Two Remakes: Chef and Judwaa 2

Well, this is FASCINATING!  It didn’t hit me until I watched the Chef trailer and then the new Judwaa 2 song right next to each other, but they are both remakes!  In ways that couldn’t be more different.  A sign that the industry doesn’t know if it should look back, or look out for the new hit.

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Readers Choice Awards 2016

I gave you a few extra days, but I think everyone has now had more than enough time to respond to my voting post here, and it is time for me to tally and summarize the results! Which took me much longer than I expected, Math is hard!  Although, there is one thing that became abundantly clear as soon as I started reading them over.  Neerja really was the film of the year.

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Best Actor of 2016 is One You Didn’t Even Notice

I was debating who to give this to, Anushka or Alia or Shahrukh, and then I realized, just because I was thinking of them, that meant they were ineligible.  Because in every part I was very aware of who was playing the role.  No, the real best actor of 2016 is one who was in 4 of the biggest hits of the year, and you didn’t even realize it was the same person.

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What do Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart have in Common? (warning! Boring accounting info below! Although there is a little Shahrukh right at the end)

Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart actually have a lot in common!  Reliable hard-working long-term popular movie stars who managed to combine a variety of crowd-pleasing roles with some solid acting turns.  But what I am talking about today is just economics.

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Airlift at the end of Week 2 Compared to Dilwale: Akshay is on track to beat SRK for the first time since 2006!

Airlift is rounding the corner of one more week of box office dominance.  It’s possible that Ghayal Once Again or Sanam Teri Kasam may come up to challenge it but I doubt it.  On the other hand, Fitoor is definitely going to knock it out of theaters next weekend.  So, really, we are in the homestretch and can start making final box office estimates.

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Box Office Update: Airlift Continues to Soar, KKHH3 Finds Its Level

Bollywoodhungama comes through again!  For both Airlift and KKHH3, they have updated figures as of today.  And things look awesome for Airlift, but not so great for KKHH.

Of course, that’s just comparing them to each other, let’s see how they look when compared with more appropriate contemporaries.

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Airlift versus Argo: Does this Even Really Matter?

You know those Indian movies where you read the synopsis or watch the trailer, or even see the movie, and come out of it going “Wait, but that was just [Movie from another Industry]!  I’ve seen this already!”

Well, Airlift was definitely one of those, and the [Movie from another Industry] was Argo.  But, so what?

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Airlift: Part 4! The Ending! All the Way to the Finale! Complete! (Spoilers Are Here)

So, Airlift!  It took me 2 hours to watch it in the theaters and three days (so far) to describe it in print.  I have many many many thoughts.  This is not, like, the funnest summary I have written (if you want that, check out my almost completed Baazigar), but it is one that challenges me to have lots of interesting thoughts.  Because it is a film that was thoughtfully made.

Anyway, to finally get to the triumphal ending, Read On!

(part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here

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Airlift Full Summary, all Plot Spoilers: Part 3

As I said in my first two posts (here and here), this is a film that surprised me with it’s quality.  Which is part of the reason it is taking me 3 plus parts to finish it!  Unlike Wazir, which I knocked out in two (here and here if you are curious).

If you don’t want to be spoiled, but want a sense of what the film was like, you can read the review here.  If you have already seen it and want to know in detail what I thought, or if you are eager to be spoiled, Read On!

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Airlift Full Summary! Part 2: Details Details Every Where (also, Spoilers, duh)

So, I saw Airlift on Friday, and it was really shockingly good.  Like, logical plot, great period details, sophisticated filming, all sorts of cool things.  And they all combined to do a great job of evoking the reality of living in a war zone.  Which is a terrible thing to experience, even through a film, so if you want to avoid that, read this instead!  Or if it isn’t playing near you, or if you are bored, or whatever.  The point is, I am recreating the experience of watching the film without actually making you watch the film.


(part 1 here, part 3 here, bullet points here, and review here)

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Airlift Full Summary in Detail! Spoilers All Around

I saw Airlift last night in a packed theater, and it was actually good!  But very real and sad and scary.  And it’s not playing in that many theaters globally.  So, if you can’t find a showtime near you, or if you are too scared to see it (if I’d known what it was like, I would have been!), or if you would just rather read about it than kill 2 hours in a theater, Read On!

(I won’t be able to finish it all in one post, but check back over the next few days, I should have the other bits up soon.  Update: part 1 here, part 3 here, bullet points here, and review here)

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Airlift Review (No Spoilers): It Goes from Point A to Point B and Nowhere Else

So, I just saw Airlift!  In a sold out theater in which I and my friend were the only non-desis (pardesis?).  The Indian flag got spontaneous applause.  It was very patriotic.

The movie itself, weirdly, not that patriotic.  And like no other Indian movie I have ever seen.

Read on to learn more!

(For spoilers go here)

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Airlift! In Bullet Points!

Just saw Airlift, First Day First Show!  Well, First Day First Evening Show.  I’ll be putting up a couple of reviews, and box office figures, and a full detailed spoiler-rich summary over the next couple days, but in the meantime, here are my quick notes to help me remember everything.

It may not make much sense to anyone else, but it should give you some kind of a taste of what to expect!

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Box Office Report: Dilwale is still knocking down Global records, Wazir is barely holding on, Airlift is coming to destroy them all

Thank you for providing so many numbers to me!  There are a few interesting things going on in the local and global box office, going into Airlift weekend.

Airlift, and Republic Day, will put an end to the traditional Christmas season releases, as the screens are given over to patriotic rather than family friendly films.  Meaning this is expected to be the last big week, and final box office projections are rolling out for Wazir, Dilwale, and Bajirao.

Read on to learn more.

(first reports on Airlift box office here)

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