Ads Round-Up: SRK in Dubai, Kajol in Jewelry, Virat and Anushka with Hair, Zee TV BREAKING MY HEART

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and Shahrukh keeps tweeting his Dubai ads like he is just begging me to mention them, so I might as well.  Also, instead of seeing a new movie tonight I went to look at dogs again, so no new movie review.  But dog photo at the end of the post!

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New Raees Song!!!!!!! I’m Guessing Dubai?

Yay, the Raees love song!  I could do with a little more guyliner, but otherwise it’s pretty great!  There’s even a wet white shirt scene, which adds a touch of class to any pictuarization.

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Mahira is Staying in Raees!!!

A few days back I reported that rumor had it Mahira would be replaced in Raees, or at least the producers were investigating finding a different actress.  One of the commentators pointed out that this wasn’t a very reliable report, which I agree with, but it was in Bollywoodhungama, which means that if it was wrong, at least they would give a detailed follow-up.  Which they now have!

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