News Round-Up: Dilip Kumar Court Case settled, Ranbir-Kat Struggle to Work Together, Salman Gets Death Threat, more Farhan Dating Rumors, and Bips Slowly Edges Towards the Alter

I was trying to come up with a theme for this, like court cases or messy break-ups or something, but I couldn’t quite make it work.  Court cases and also messy break-ups that could or could not involve court cases in future and have already involved court cases in the past?  Nah, not worth it!

Dilip Sahib is important enough, he deserves first place.  The headline everyone is going with is “Dilip Kumar Cleared in Check Bouncing Case!”  Which makes it sound like he actually wrote a bad check, which really doesn’t sound like Dilip Kumar.  He is the kind of old school classy guy that I always imagined paying for things in cash.  Or gold.  Or with a personal IOU.  And, yes, the headline is deceptive.  18 years ago, apparently he was an honorary chair/board member for a company that wrote a lot of bad checks.  And all their creditors ended up suing everyone in sight, including Dilip Sahib.  And it finally wound its way through the court until, 18 years later, Dilip was officially cleared.  By which point, he was too ill to even attend the hearing.  So the big take away from this is, Man!  The Indian courts are slooooooooooow!

Speaking of Dilip Sahib and court cases, it is possible that Ranbir and Kat are going to re-create his most famous court case.  That is, when BR Chopra sued Madhubala for breach of contract because she refused to work on Naya Daur with Dilip after they had a messy break-up (or rather, her father refused to let her work with him).  Dilip testified on behalf of BR Chopra, famously declaring, under oath in open court, “I love her.”  And this is one of the many many reasons that you should not cast lovers opposite each other.  Which brings us to Anurag Basu and Jagga Jasoos!  He probably thought he made a huge coupe (coo?  You know the word I mean!) signing Ranbir and Kat right before they announced their engagement.  He could look forward to a huge bump, just like Guru which released right around Abhishek and Aish’s wedding and let everyone feel like they were getting a glimpse of their married life (of course, it didn’t work for Tashan with Saif and Kareena, but nothing worked for Tashan).  But now he is being hit with the downside of risking it all on a romantic couple, since they are in the middle of a nasty nasty break up and avoiding each other like the plague.  Filming is continuing, but only with Ranbir, not Kat, for now. Officially, Anurag is saying that this was a planned pause, that Kat was always going to spend February working on another film, but really?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep up this “we’re all professionals here!” facade through filming, but then the movie comes out and Kat’s character disappears for long stretches, or else is suddenly communicating primarily through split screen phone calls.

Salman Khan got a death threat, that’s exciting!  I mean, I assume he gets lots of death threats.  For instance, every article on him has at least 5 death threat or death threat adjacent comments posted underneath it.  But this time, it was a death threat that was actually called into Bombay police headquarters, so they have to respond to it.  Even though they are guessing it is a joke.  I am guessing it is a joke too!  If you were serious, why would you call it into the police yourself?  Speaking of people who have it in for Salman, the prosecution has filed an appeal in his court case, so he is going to trial again.  Although the assumption is that the higher court will uphold the decision of the lower, and this just means he will be really really cleared.

And now here’s the bit I can’t figure out how to transition to.  A possible romance that involves a past and future court case?  Something like that.  Anyway, Farhan is rumored to be dating Kalki Koechlin!  Farhan, who will be divorcing his wife shortly.  And Kalki, who divorced her husband last year.  I don’t believe this AT ALL, because at this point the gossip mill is going to tie him to anyone he is seen even talking to, and they are filming a movie together, so obviously they will be seen together.  But I kind of like the idea of them as a couple.  They are both artsy and interesting, she’s been around the industry enough to be able to handle marriage into the Akhtar-Azmi-Irani clan.  And it might mean that Kalki’s ex Anurag Kashyap becomes a persona-non-grata to some degree, and I don’t like his movies, so that would all be great for me!  But generally, if I have to pick a Farhan dating rumor, I find the Aditi Rao Hydari one much more believable.  They were actually co-starring when his separation came down, and they have been spotted together outside of film sets, and they have no past connection that could explain their current closeness (Farhan and Kalki have been friends/friendly for years, if they are spotted having a coffee or whatever, it may not actually mean anything).

And speaking of high-profile break-ups, Bipasha Basu’s boyfriend’s divorce is finally in progress!  So they can get married!  Or at least be officially engaged.  Oh Bips.  A month or so back, I did a retrospective of her dating life, and it is just really not good.  And now this guy may marry her, a guy who started an affair with her while married to someone else, who isn’t that talented and isn’t at all powerful.  And also not rich.  And, most importantly, also not that hot.  This is a woman who dated Dino Morea, John Abraham, and Rana Daggubati!  She is used to the best.

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