News Update: SHAHRUKH GOT A HAIRCUT!!! And other, less important, news

News update!  Besides the haircut, there are some juicy/political things popping up.  Exciting!  But mostly it’s about the hair.

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More News: Kangana-Hrithik gets weirder, Amitji and Jayaji’s roles in Ki and Ka revealed, and Jagga Jassoos May Actually Be Released

I am so enjoying this Kangana-Hrithik story.  It’s the perfect kind of celebrity scandal where it crosses the line from “they’re just like us!  Oh, now I feel bad about their problems” to “This is something that would never ever happen to a regular person and I feel no guilt about watching it.”  Oh, and there is some minor industrial non-gossipy news happening as well.

(Another favorite part of the Kangana-Hrithik story, thanks to Krrish 3 there are a plethora of really odd looking pictures of the two of them)

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News Round-Up: Dilip Kumar Court Case settled, Ranbir-Kat Struggle to Work Together, Salman Gets Death Threat, more Farhan Dating Rumors, and Bips Slowly Edges Towards the Alter

I was trying to come up with a theme for this, like court cases or messy break-ups or something, but I couldn’t quite make it work.  Court cases and also messy break-ups that could or could not involve court cases in future and have already involved court cases in the past?  Nah, not worth it!

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