Royal Party Update: Hey! Rishi Was There! And No One Took a Picture

This event is so odd!  I wonder if there was some sort of photo restriction?  After Arpita Khan’s wedding, there were personal instagram posts, official photos, news photos, family photos, basically every minute was documented.  And with this, there’s only like 6 photos released, and none of the important bits.

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News Round-Up: Dilip Kumar Court Case settled, Ranbir-Kat Struggle to Work Together, Salman Gets Death Threat, more Farhan Dating Rumors, and Bips Slowly Edges Towards the Alter

I was trying to come up with a theme for this, like court cases or messy break-ups or something, but I couldn’t quite make it work.  Court cases and also messy break-ups that could or could not involve court cases in future and have already involved court cases in the past?  Nah, not worth it!

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DON 3!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! Farhan, I forgive you everything!!!

If you are like me, you have spent the past few years shaking your fist to the sky and saying “Farhan!  Stop wasting your life!” every time Farhan announces a new project that is not Don 3.  Well, the wait is over!  FINALLY!  He just announced that, once he finishes the script for Rock On 2, he will go back to Don.  Yaaaaaaay!

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Wild Rumors about High Profile Break-Ups

So much gossip this week about break-ups!  I don’t believe basically any of it, but I still think it is worth talking about because of how it is reported and why it is reported and what that means socially/industrially.

(yes, I will be tying it all together with Raajkumar in Pakeezah as shown in the header image)

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Wazir Review: Plot isn’t a little bit big, or a little bit small, but just Wrong

So, quick review: Catnip for Farhan fans (I know you are out there), Hollywood style/quality camerawork and directing, great songs, script needs a couple more twists to really send it over the top.

Longer review, see below.  And I will probably also be posting a synopsis in the next few days, it’s only an hour forty, I can totally knock that out in just one part.

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