Fan Making Of: I Finally Watched That Make-Up Video Everyone Else Has Already Seen!

So, this thing was posted 3 days ago, and all sorts of people told me I HAD to watch it, but I didn’t do it until just now, because I was very busy working and then immediately going to the theater and seeing Fan again.  But now that I have, I am just as fascinated as everyone told me I would be!

Here’s the actual video:


The whole thing is fascinating, but there were a few things that I found extra interesting.  First, Yash Raj studios’ make-up room has huge billboard size images from their movies leaning against the walls?  Or was that just like a rehearsal space they have set up and they were doing the make-up there because so many people had to crowd in?  Either way, where can I get a huge blow-up picture of Sridevi from Chandni?

Secondly, I really liked how Greg Cannon approached it!  He clearly had no idea who Shahrukh was, or why this was such a big deal, or anything like that.  But he approached it as a job and a challenge and he respected his collaborators as fellow artists.  There was no patronizing “ooo, the little Indian film industry thinks they are grown up!  How cute!” kind of attitude.  Like, in Inner/Outer World of Shahrukh, you see him visiting a dubbing studio in LA to do voice-over work for The Incredibles, and the guy who is giving him the tour clearly is thinking of him as just some random actor who’s going to be all impressed to see Pixar, and the inside of a dubbing booth, and all of that.  I mean, he’s professional, but he doesn’t really seem respectful.  Whereas Greg Cannon seemed completely open to their ideas, and treated by Shahrukh and Maneesh Sharma as his superiors.

But mostly, I was really interested by the two points that the director and Shahrukh both seemed to be working hard to communicate to Greg Cannon.  First, that Gaurav couldn’t just look younger in a general way, he HAD to look similar to how Shahrukh himself actually looked at that age.  Not exactly the same, but based on that, rather than on how Shahrukh looks now.  And it wasn’t because it would just be easier to do or more natural looking or anything, it was because the audience for the film would have in their heads how Shahrukh looked at that age, and it wouldn’t look “right” to them unless it matched a little bit.  And in the same way, that a “lookalike” would HAVE to have the dimples, and the hair, because otherwise no one would believe Gaurav as a “lookalike” since we in the audience for the film, and the audience onscreen for his act, wouldn’t find it believable otherwise.  That Greg came in not realizing just how well known Shahrukh’s face is in India and therefore what a unique challenge it is to try to make it unrecognizable but still familiar.

And the second thing I found interesting, was Shahrukh talking about what parts of his face he needed to keep mobile, in order to be able to act.  And that Greg respected that and worked around his restrictions.  It hadn’t occurred to me in quite this way before, how an actor’s face is their instrument, and how they have to know it inside and out, and exactly what effects it can have.  Again, props to Greg Cannon for respecting and listening to those concerns!  Because that performance really is amazing, and a lot of it is down to Shahrukh’s little micro-expressions, that he might not have been able to do if they had used the full range of prosthetics.

14 thoughts on “Fan Making Of: I Finally Watched That Make-Up Video Everyone Else Has Already Seen!

  1. I also found it fascinating that Hollywood big wigs told them “it couldn’t be done” for that much of a film. 10 minutes, maybe, but not the whole thing. But they did it! And watching it again last night, I kept thinking — those are SO Brad Pitt’s cheeks!!


    • Yes! I forgot about that part, my impression was that they thought it couldn’t be done because they didn’t think actors would be able to stand up to the physical torture of it. But clearly they had no idea how much torture Indian actors are used to!

      (did you see the thing in the Maneesh Sharma interview, that before shooting the chase in Dubrovnik, Shahrukh would get painkillers injected directly into his knee every morning so he would be able to walk? Wearing prosthetics for 70 days must have been a walk in the park in comparison!)


  2. Wouldn’t you love to have a puddle of sweat on your face between your skin and the silicon? Ugh.

    I would be ripping the stuff off my face with glee like they did in the final scene of that video…


  3. I read somewhere that SRK is planning to take several months off to get his knee/s healed. His poor knees, they have taken a bit of punishment over the last few eyars.


    • l’ll believe it when I see it. Do you remember when that door fell on him while filming Happy New Year? And he finished out the day before going to the hospital where they found a massive concussion and a broken everything? And then the only way to get him to stop working was Farah refusing to film anything for at least a week? And the next thing we see is him at some wedding in Dubai with a bandana holding his head on and a brace and a crutch and all sorts of things?

      Oh! Or the time he hosted IIFA ten days after shoulder surgery! Or kept working on Koyla with a dislocated knee because it would have taken too much time to fly him out to a hospital!

      If I were Gauri, I think I might just tell the guards to shoot him with tranquilizer darts if he tried to leave the compound, I think maybe that would work.


  4. SRK is seriously a workaholic. His body and emotions etc take a backseat when he’s focused on work.
    This is what most behind the scenes videos and that inner/outer world video showed me.


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