Happy Earth Day!!!! Have Some Earth-Based Songs to Celebrate!!!

I was trying to think what to put up for this, because there aren’t really any super hippy-dippy environmentalist songs in Indian films.  But then I remembered, it’s not the hippy-dippy environmentalists who are leading the charge, it’s the struggling farmers who have a deep and real understanding of what Global Warming is causing.  And there are loads of struggling villagers/farmers songs!

1. This is the first one that came to mind.  Lagaan is not my favorite movie (too pandering to Western ideas of India), but the soundtrack is top-notch, and this song has a nice epic scale to it.


2. In a nice yin and yang, here is another group of villagers in the aftermath of too much rain.


3.  And another song about water!  This time, how water can be used to create sustainable power.  Well, and also how incredibly attractive Shahrukh is in this movie.


4. Speaking of love songs, here is one from Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola, which also uses the village issues as a backdrop, this time the effort to get the crops in from the field under the nose of the evil landlord.  The bigger background is that the village has suffered from several years of drought, and this is the first crop they’ve been able to harvest in 3 years.  Also, I liked this movie!  Why did no one else?


5.  Speaking of movies nobody liked/saw, I actually still haven’t seen this movie all the way through.  But I have seen the songs!  And I’ve been told that this song is actually about water conservation.  NOT about Kunal Kapoor being hot in slow motion, which is what I always thought.


6.  So, this is mostly just a nice romantic/family song, but in the middle there, see how he helps the villagers in the rains!  And brings the crops in!  It’s totally earth friendly.


7. This isn’t exactly a village song, but part of caring for the earth is caring for its animals, right?


8. Okay, I have to do another song from the same movie, because this is even more animal-caring.


Okay, I don’t think I can top that last one.  Unless, is there some song I am forgetting?  That’s about water and rain and earth and growing and animals and stuff?  Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!!!! Have Some Earth-Based Songs to Celebrate!!!

  1. Great selection! What movie is the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai song from? Never knew these two were paired opposite each other!

    Hahaha what about Mitti Di Khushboo and Paani Da Rang – Ayushmann Khurrana. Hahaha I kid I kid.


    • Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities. It’s a weird and wacky art film by MF Hussain, and it was Kunal Kapoor’s big break. They wanted a hero who was just breathtakingly beautiful.

      All of the songs are strange and gorgeous at the same time, and I think Rahman did the music.


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