Hindi Film 101: Kangana Ranaut, a Troubled Person

I have avoided doing a full 101 on Kangana, because I follow a firm rule of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. There are loads of people that I can look at and hate the sin but love the sinner. With Kangana though, somehow her “sins” are so tied up with her person that I have a hard time separating out “sin” from “sinner”.

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Happy Birthday Hrithik! 26 Reasons I love you

Happy 43rd Birthday Hrithik!  This is an UPDATED post from last year, last year I did 15 reasons for the number of years since you were launched, this year I am doing 26 for your age when you were launched.  And maybe this year I can resist posting that photo of you as a teenager with the Khans. (Spoiler: Most of my reasons are dances)
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Fathers in Public and Private

So interesting what is considered “good” public image for fathers versus what they might do in private.  And how, sometimes, they just don’t care about public image.  And sometimes they have to care.  And sometimes they pretend they don’t, but really do, which bothers me.

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Second Quick News Round-Up: Amitabh and the Censor Board both make big statements

Full disclosure: I’m coming up on my 1 year blog anniversary in a few months, and I want to make it to a thousand posts before then.  So get used to lots tiny little posts where you think, “wait, why didn’t she just combine this with the earlier post?”

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The Kangana and Hrithik Drama Finally Got Me to Watch Krrish 3! WOW, That is a BAAAAAAAAAAAD Movie!

I never thought the words “this is worse than Krrish!” would leave my mouth, but by golly Krrish 3 did it!  Although at least it was fun-bad, not anger-inducing-bad like Ki & Ka.

Also, I realized halfway through the film, every single cast member has been part of a massive potentially career ending scandal!  Viviek, Priyanka, and now Hrithik and Kangana.  And heck, Rekha in the original!  But not Priety.  Unless I am forgetting something.  She had the mob testimony thing, the messy Ness Wadia break-up, the bad plastic surgery, but I don’t remember any really really huge thing.

(moviemavengal is more forgiving than me in her review)

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More News: Kangana-Hrithik gets weirder, Amitji and Jayaji’s roles in Ki and Ka revealed, and Jagga Jassoos May Actually Be Released

I am so enjoying this Kangana-Hrithik story.  It’s the perfect kind of celebrity scandal where it crosses the line from “they’re just like us!  Oh, now I feel bad about their problems” to “This is something that would never ever happen to a regular person and I feel no guilt about watching it.”  Oh, and there is some minor industrial non-gossipy news happening as well.

(Another favorite part of the Kangana-Hrithik story, thanks to Krrish 3 there are a plethora of really odd looking pictures of the two of them)

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News Round-Up: Rishi Kapoor is a big ol’ grumpypants, Sonam Kapoor is making interesting career decisions, and Kangana and Hrithik Continue to Destroy Each Other

Never make me direct Rishi Kapoor.  Oh my goodness!  He just gave an interview about Kapoor and Sons which does not make him sound very fun.  For someone with such a bright and happy onscreen persona, he really does not come across as light-hearted in interviews.  On the other hand, Sonam Kapoor, who comes across as sort of naive and simple onscreen has a really interesting business mind, which is makes me interested in her just announced next career move.

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Moneyball and Shahrukh Khan: Who was really the top actor of 2015? And was it an ‘actor’ at all?

You know the movie Moneyball?  Which talked about the sabarmetric approach to baseball, that allowed every player to be a quantifiable element in a team’s success?  So, there is a constant effort to figure out a formula in Indian film that will, somehow, allow filmmakers to predict which stars will give them a hit.

Bollywoodhungama came out with a score card for 2015 for actors based on box office.  Which is always hard to balance.  They tried using two different scores, but ended up with completely contradictory results.

What is the best way to measure the star power of a Shahrukh Khan versus an Akshay Kumar?  And who really won 2015?

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