Baaghi Review (Spoiler Free): What a Colorful and Varied Crazy Quilt of a Movie

Baaghi!  My first Tiger Shroff movie!  Well, probably a good number of people’s first Tiger Shroff movie, since it is only his second over all.  On the other hand, my 3rd Shraddha Kapoor movie!  4th if you count Gori Tere Pyaar Mein.

So, here’s the thing, this is either the most original or the most unoriginal movie I have ever seen.  On the one hand, it lifts scenes shot for shot from at least two movies (the two I have seen before), and I am sure the remaining 40 minutes of the film were lifted from some other movies I haven’t happened to have seen.  But on the other hand, these are really odd movies to throw together, which somehow makes it feel original!

Also original, the whole film crew is able to more or less handle the switches between these very different film genres and very different film styles.  I mean, we have a classic martial arts chase, complete with the multi-angle reruns so you can see there were no wires or props, and on the other hand we have a classic romantic rain song.

The heroine is kind of great and original too.  She is introduced with a fight scene!  And she gets another big one at the end.  Shraddha Kapoor does the usually “Huh!  Not that bad!” job that I am used to from her.  Of course, I’ve never really seen her stretch herself, so I don’t know if she is possible of doing something better than just “not that bad”.  Someday, possibly, I might actually watch Haider, and then I will know!  Or, I could just wait until the OK Kanmani remake comes out, because I will definitely be watching that.

The hero is kind of completely unoriginal.  But, you know, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  He’s a rebel, who learns to be strong and adult through adversity and falling in love.  Tiger Shroff does an okay job, I guess.  He is a little hammy and a little boyish, but he’s charismatic enough.  And his dancing and fighting is really amazing.

My friend who I went with thinks he could be the next Hrithik, because he is so pretty and such a good dancer.  I’m thinking, more like an emergency back-up younger Akshay.  Someone who can actually do their own stunts and make your jaw drop to the floor when you see them.  The point is, he isn’t anything right now.  He’s just someone who could be something, in a few more years and a few more films.

But this is a good stepping stone film!  It makes both him and Shraddha look good, it’s a pleasant time-pass, and I won’t be buying it on DVD, but if it lands on one of the streaming sites, I might show it at one of my movie nights so we can all cheer during the fight scenes, and complain about our jobs during all the other scenes.

Oh, and also, once again, they cut the big hit dance song!!!!  What is up with that?!?!?  No “Premika”, No “Let’s Nacho”, no “Jabra Fan”, and now no “Let’s Talk About Love”!

4 thoughts on “Baaghi Review (Spoiler Free): What a Colorful and Varied Crazy Quilt of a Movie

  1. Not the next Akshay. Please no :P. I’m his fan like your SRK’s hahaha.

    Baaghi – you saw the movie in the damn trailer lol. It just looked too violent for me, so I’m skipping it. Will read your detailed review if you plan to write it up.


    • I’m jealous of you being an Akshay fan! He releases so many more movies than Shahrukh! I have to wait and wait and wait, and you get a new movie every few months.

      I’ll probably put up a Baaghi post sometime in the next couple days. It’s mostly fight-fight-fight, so it won’t be hard to summarize!


      • Akshay has released such crappy movies too – ‘Entertainment’ and all that BS. I don’t watch every single movie of his. Because I like to believe I’m a sane person lol.
        However, Airlift, Holiday, Baby, Special 26 – YESSIR! Although, I thought I would hate his Khiladi 786…it wasn’t terrible.

        And I see you’ve put up Baaghi – yay!


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