Sultan Trailer!!! Why it Made Me Cry

I feel so ashamed, I am supposed to be a Shahrukh fan, but this trailer really got to me.  But I am going to forgive myself, because Salman is on a real hot streak right now of finding that perfect sweet spot between crowd-pleasing and emotional truth.

Trailer was released 10 minutes ago (just in time for me to get to work!) at a big event at Reliance studios, which apparently is co-producing/releasing the film with YRF?  Which explains why Salman skipped the Royals party and went to Anant Ambani’s birthday party instead.  More importantly, for once, YRF released the trailer with subtitles right away!  Instead of making us wait the usual 48 hours for no particular reason.


Oh my goodness, that was an emotional roller-coaster!  The first few seconds are what we’ve already seen, of course, meeting Anushka and Salman as champion wrestlers.  And it looks like a sweet love story, with him falling for her talent and moxi and her falling for his sweetness and sincerity.  It kind of reminded me of his relationship with Sonakshi in Dabangg, and with Kareena in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which are my two favorite Salman romances!  He does best when he is very straightforward and sincere, but it is up to the woman to take the lead.

But then the second half, uff!  It is clearly inspired by the Rocky films, which are my all time favorite American series.  And I don’t know why it has taken this long for someone to remake them with Salman.  He has that perfect combination of simplicity and confidence and, I don’t know, guts?

Most importantly, just like the Rocky films traced Stallone’s stardom from outsider, to champion, to champion trying to regain his glory, to forgotten ex-hero, to mentor, so does this film look to trace Salman’s real life meaning.  We get to see his youth, when he was on top of the world, but then also the present day.  When he is old and tired and no one thinks he can still make it.  But he has that essential Indian quality, that extra strength and faith and hope and Bhai-ness that will carry him through.

Basically, I started crying at the Mother India shot of him pulling the plow through the fields, and didn’t stop until the end.  Something about the determination and strength and tying it back to the whole history of Indian film, and the essential Indian image of the plow, I don’t know, it got to me.

(and Anushka’s gonna die, right?  She sure doesn’t show up in the “present day” scenes)


4 thoughts on “Sultan Trailer!!! Why it Made Me Cry

  1. I’m so excited too! Having him learn MMA makes it very modern too. Ties to the past and looking forward. The first teaser was all Gladiator shot for shot, but I also saw right away that this was Rocky in the trailer and I can’t think of anyone more perfect than Salman for that story!


    • I couldn’t tell from the few shots we got, but I wonder if his MMA fight will be against an Indian or an international fighter? I would enjoy it either way, the old school Indian style beating the new school style, or the old school Indian fighting beating the fancy styles from all over the world.


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