KARISMA IS FREEEEEEE!!! I am so happy for her

Karisma Kapoor’s divorce FINALLY went through!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!  Oh, also there is a really weird picture of Aamir that just came out.

Yay, divorce!  This marriage has been horrible start to finish.  Which you can confirm for yourself here, if you feel like watching worlds most awkward and yet also star-studded wedding video.


I don’t know if I am the only one who remembers this, but I have a distinct memory of back in like 2005, Karisma going back to her mother’s house to have her baby, and then just refusing to return home to Delhi.  It all got worked out eventually, and she did go home, but it was not a good sign for the marriage.

Of course, she’s been back in Bombay for years now, living apart from her husband, while they hammered out divorce details.  And now she is free!!!!  And Kareena is rumored to be pregnant!  Everything’s coming up Kapoor!

Meanwhile, in other news, Aamir released a first look for his “young” look in Dangal.  It is yet another sports story, he plays an aging athlete training his teenage daughters, and then in flashback we get to see him his heyday.  It’s based on Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters.  And based on this image, apparently Mahavir Singh Phogat was once the most buff man on earth.

Also, it’s the same movie as Sultan, right?  I mean, not really “the same”, I bet it will have a totally different feel and flavour to it.  But if you gave the one sentence hook, it’s the same thing!  “Big star plays youthful successful wrestler in first half and older reaching for a comeback wrestler in second”.  Just like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Fan had the same one sentence description, “Big star plays double role, powerful ruler and devoted dreamy follower”.

I don’t know, this stuff just seems to happen sometimes!  Like when Armegeddon and Deep Impact came out the same year in America.  Or 30 Rock and that stupid Aaron Sorkin TV show both started at the same time.  The nice thing is, in these cases no one ever bothers to call out “plagiarism!”  It’s just accepted that sometimes creators are going to spontaneously have the exact same idea.


7 thoughts on “KARISMA IS FREEEEEEE!!! I am so happy for her

    • Those are slightly different, the company that made Olympus Has Fallen is well known for those kinds of ripoff films, they actually did start production in imitation of White House Down, even though they released first. I don’t think that is the case for the others (although I could be wrong!).


  1. Or the time when three Bhagat Singh movies were released back to back.Speaking about Karisma, she must have regretted breaking her engagement to Abishek. From what I heard, Karisma’s husband was rumored to be cheating on her from the beginning itself- with his ex-wife amongst others.Of course Karisma herself is being quoted as the other woman now-she’s having an affair with some married corporate bigwig.She’s rumored to be having money-troubles,though her papa denies it.Yesterday(or was it the day before?) when the news about Karisma’s divorce came out, I was watching Biwi No:1.


    • I always interpreted it as Abhishek’s side cutting off the relationship, and Karisma’s family marrying her off to the biggest name they could find to save face, without really doing the proper background check on him first. And then it was all downhill from there.

      Until now! Her life could be awesome starting today! I hope.


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