New Videos for Upcoming Movies!!!!

2 new videos!  One which revealed a lot, and one which revealed NOTHING.  But both got me excited.

New Sultan song!  Not sung by Salman himself, although he says he’s going to be released a version later that has his own vocals.

I really like basically everything about it.  I think it sounds really gentle and pretty, and I like the idea of him being sort of the respected older man singing to young people at a club.  Not being a super cool young dude, but just being a nice guy that all the nice young people respect.  And the flashbacks to him with Anushka are really sweet too.  My only concern is that the evidence that Anushka is dead continues to mount.  Why the sort of nostalgic song in present-bearded timeline, and the flashbacks to mustache-timeline every time we see Anushka?  I just don’t think she is going to survive past the era of the mustache.

And then the other big video today, first look at Mohenjo Daro!  Which reveals….It’s a movie about Mohenjo Daro!  Which, I think we all kind of figured out from the title?


I kind of resent that they didn’t include Asoka in their list of “befores”.  I have a soft spot for him, not just because of the Shahrukh movie.  If anything, actually, it’s in spite of the Shahrukh movie!  That terrible wig….

But in real life, he founded an Empire, created a code of laws, chose peace instead of war, did a bunch of cool things, and was one of the first people in the world to have that civilized, and large, of a society.  And definitely the first person in India (right?  Maybe this movie will try to sell me on Mohenjo Daro as pretty big, but Asoka conquered the whole southern half, yes?).  So, why not slip him in between Christ and Buddha?

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