Udta Punjab Does Well Overseas, TE3N falls

Yay, global figures are out!  And, for the first time in weeks, there is an actual big name Hindi movie that I care about included.

Udta Punjab basically won the weekend everywhere it played.  From the BollywoodHungama figures, the only places it didn’t do well are where it wasn’t playing at all.  Like, Malaysia, which just had Housefull 3 fighting it out with TE3N.

But in America, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, it was Udta Punjab all the way.  That’s with Gentlemen in Telugu opening on 125 screens to Udta‘s 83 in America.  And, presumably, inflated opening weekend ticket prices for Gentlemen.  And Udta still beat it by almost $2,000 total, and about $2,000 per individual screen as well ($5,294.10 to $3,538.41).

America was the only place it was even close, otherwise the figures matched pretty well with the places where Punjabi films always do well.  Even beating Dhulla Bhatti, the most recent actual Punjabi release.  Canada was a total blow out (as you would expect, considering how well Punjabi films always do there), making almost ten times as much as the next runner up, Housefull 3.  In the UK, where it didn’t even have that much of a screen count advantage, it made 4 times as much as the next runner up (Housefull 3 again).  3 times as much in Australia (again, Housefull 3 bringing up the rear).  And 4 times as much in New Zealand (again, poor Housefull 3 trailing along).

But if Udta is the big hit story this week, TE3N is the big flop story.  It’s only in week two, and it is already falling behind not just Udta, but Housefull 3, which has been out 3 weeks already.  I mean, Housefull 3 isn’t doing that well either, but at least it had 2 good weeks.  We can assume that everyone who wanted to see it, has seen it.  And that there were a lot of people who wanted to see it.  But TE3N, almost no one has seen.  And, apparently, almost no one wanted to see it.


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