Mohenjo Daro Trailer!!! That’s really a lot of CGI

Mohenjo Daro trailer!  I know what I am doing on Independence Day!  Although, I think some of the history might be a little slippery.

The trailer was just released a few hours ago, and it looks good!  The CGI is a little shakey in some parts, but they’ve still got time to clean it up.  Hrithik looks good, which is the most important part.


I did have to laugh with Ashutosh being described as the director of Lagaan and Jodha-Akbar.  No Swades?  No What’s Your Raashee?  We are going to pretend they didn’t exist?

More disturbing was some of the, shall we say, “imaginative liberties” in the trailer.  Like, for instance, horses!  Pretty sure the horses came from the north with the Aryans, and it’s kind of a big thing that they weren’t around in Mohenjo Daro.  Like, that’s part of the reason the southern territories were conquered, that they didn’t have the horse power of the north.

Also, hairstyles!  I know I am the only person who is bothered by this, but I really don’t think they had perfect short permed curls and 5 o’clock shadows in pre-historic times.  Or women with perfect blow-dry waves in their hair.

Also a bit surprised by the clothing, what with all the ties and woven cotton and sewn seams.  Seems a bit ahead of its time.

But really I shouldn’t be complaining, the film looks satisfyingly “epic” in a nice over the top Indian way.  And it lets Hrithik do his cool stunts, which I always enjoy.  And they ripped off some nice action scenes from Ten Commandments.

It also looks like there might be a bit of a time travel set up, which I would love, because it would explain Hrithik’s hair.  Both the fancy haircut on top of his head and the waxed lack of hair on his chest.  Maybe he is a modern day archaeologist/gym rat who is sent back in time!


4 thoughts on “Mohenjo Daro Trailer!!! That’s really a lot of CGI

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