Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Few Irish-India Connections I Can Think of!

(This is a re-posted post from last year, because I am lazy.) There really aren’t as many connections between Ireland and India as you would expect.  They both start with “I”?  They are both former British colonies?  Their flags are confusingly similar?  The both have disputed territories to the north? But what few connections I could remember, I have pulled up and highlighted, on this, the ridiculous made-up unofficial international Ireland celebration day.

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Udta Punjab Does Well Overseas, TE3N falls

Yay, global figures are out!  And, for the first time in weeks, there is an actual big name Hindi movie that I care about included.

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I Saw Housefull 3! Better Late Than Never! (Review with Spoilers, I guess? Although it isn’t really the kind of a movie you watch for plot)

I am actually traveling this week, but I took a chance and checked the showtimes, and Housefull 3 was playing at a mall 200 feet from my hotel!  It was fate!  I had to see it!

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