Friday Classic: Udta Punjab, A Multi-Starrer Where Alia Easily Outshines the Rest

Such a disturbing movie.  Like, not sure if I can go to sleep tonight kind of disturbing.  Very disturbing.  But also very high quality.

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Happy Birthday Alia! 25 Reasons I Love You

It’s Alia’s birthday!  Which I have somehow never honored before so I have to write this very quickly from scratch.  Let’s see if I can manage it!

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Udta Punjab Review: Nothing Happens, and Yet Everything Changes (SPOILERS!)

I already put up a quick spoiler-free review, now it’s time to get in depth and deal with what really happens!  Time for spoilers!

(if you want another non-spoiler perspective, check out moviemavengal’s review)

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Censor Board Spat and Shakespeare

The censor board doesn’t have a problem with Shakespeare, they just both happen to be in the news at the same time.  Although I bet the censor board would have a problem with Shakespeare, if they were working in England in the 1500s!  All that sexual humor, barely veiled political content, and bad language would NOT fly!

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