Happy Birthday Alia! 25 Reasons I Love You

It’s Alia’s birthday!  Which I have somehow never honored before so I have to write this very quickly from scratch.  Let’s see if I can manage it!

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Random News: Tusshar Kapoor is a Father, Udta Punjab Box Office Drops Off, and Sultan Cleared by Censors

None of these things have anything to do with each other, but none of them are really worth their own post either, so I am going to combine them all to have a decent sized post.

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Udta Punjab Review: Nothing Happens, and Yet Everything Changes (SPOILERS!)

I already put up a quick spoiler-free review, now it’s time to get in depth and deal with what really happens!  Time for spoilers!

(if you want another non-spoiler perspective, check out moviemavengal’s review)

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Censor Board Spat and Shakespeare

The censor board doesn’t have a problem with Shakespeare, they just both happen to be in the news at the same time.  Although I bet the censor board would have a problem with Shakespeare, if they were working in England in the 1500s!  All that sexual humor, barely veiled political content, and bad language would NOT fly!

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