In Honor of Nice Attack: A Bunch of Indian Songs in France

Terrible news out of France, but there isn’t really anything I can do about it.  So I’m going to do the only  thing I really can, and put up a theme post about it.  Watch some songs, cheer yourself up, think about how France has always been a warm and wonderful place to dream about for people around the world.

1. I have to start with this one. Let Shammi cheer you up!


2. Jumping ahead to Shammi’s grand-nephew, who also had a cheerful wonderful time in Paris.


3. I love this song.  And it’s a nice reminder that France is just one of many wonderful places in the world that are all worthy of love.


4. 2 songs from this movie, Paris looks great in both of them, but they also show that it is all about your attitude when you approach it, you can choose how you feel.


5. I love this song (and the whole movie), it is so silly and so joyful, and so light, it’s the perfect antidote to any time the world starts to get you down.


4 thoughts on “In Honor of Nice Attack: A Bunch of Indian Songs in France

  1. No 3 – I dislike the movie but I love the picturization of two songs in it: one is Adisayam (this one) and the second one is Kannodu Kaanpathellaam, which is basically a dance duet between the real Aishwarya and the computer generated one 😂 What I love so much about the way they did this is how each world wonder picturization has two parts in it. It took me several views of the song to realize this actually. Each location has Ash in two forms: one as the ancient timeless beauty reflecting the world wonder that lies in the background, and the second in clothes and hairstyle (the Chinese red dress, the curls in Paris, the Roman getup at the Colloseum, the anarkali at the Taj Mahal, the Pharoah headgear in Giza) that seem more fusion-inspired when she is dancing with Prashant. Since the song is mostly his PoV I think it (a) shows their rekindled love in the duet segments and (b) the shots of Ash alone are more how Prashant sees her, as a world wonder in her own right. I can never tire of watching the song. It’s just so lovely to look at.

    4. MY HUSBAND AND I LOVE QUEEN. What I loved about the picturization of Paris in both songs is that Badra has Rani not just as a tourist who has just discovered that taking this trip for her has become too overwhelming – it’s how creatively they have made a terrifying shadow out of this beautiful structure. Like it represented everything she wanted to avoid thinking about but JUST. COULDN’T. STOP. THINKING. ABOUT! And then she sees Vijayalakshmi, who makes her feel alive in a Paris that doesn’t need romance to feel fun and alive, that is vibrant and boisterous and welcoming, full of listeners who will let you rant about why your uncle should have maybe just taken up smoking and who will never shame you for dancing your heart out ❤ I love how she returns to the Eiffel again with Vijayalakshmi, realising that it doesn't need romance for it to feel absolutely amazing.


    • I agree completely with both these points!!! Jeans is such an odd movie, but this song picturization lifts right out and turns into just a statement about how throughout time, young women in love have been the biggest miracle of them all.

      And I also love Queen, and I love how they turned the Eiffel Tower into this figure of fear. To me, it feels like she things is symbolizes her lost love, and then eventually we see the full flashback and realize it’s not just her lost love, but it’s her whole sense that Vijay was “better” than her, that she needed him around to hold her hand crossing streets and tell her what to do. And then we she finally goes back, it’s kind of like she unlearned the symbolizes and turned it back into just a thing.


  2. More on 4. I also love the other contrast b/w the 2. Badra is all about what Paris is advertised to be. The tourist spots. The things visitors do to get a slight taste of the city. Eiffel. The love locks. Souvenirs. And Taake Jhanke is more organic. About the streets and the by lanes and the club. They’re just hanging around having fun. Which is pretty amazing for a place that many end up picturizing as just one thing :/


    • Yes! And in a bigger sense, she is letting go of what things “should” be, the mapped road (go to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. etc.), and learning to do just what makes her happy because it makes her happy, even if it isn’t what people are “supposed” to do.


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