Another FanFic from the Comments, Queen Sequel: Rani and Oleksandr Forever! And Happy Ending for Kedarnath

It’s Saturday, why think?  I’m just gonna do a quick post based on a discussion in the comments, and also because I love writing fanfics (it’s like stretching after running).

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Ten Indian Films to Start Feminist Discussions!

This is NOT “Ten Feminist Films”, because that’s a wee bit subjective.  And it’s also NOT “Top Ten”, because that’s a way bit subjective.  Instead, these are just ten films that bring up interesting discussions around gender.  If you ever want to have a real downer of a movie night, you can show these and then make people discuss.  Feel free to add on your own options both for films and discussion questions in the comments!!

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In Honor of Nice Attack: A Bunch of Indian Songs in France

Terrible news out of France, but there isn’t really anything I can do about it.  So I’m going to do the only  thing I really can, and put up a theme post about it.  Watch some songs, cheer yourself up, think about how France has always been a warm and wonderful place to dream about for people around the world.

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