Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif!!!

Happy Birthday Kat!  You are not my favorite actress, but I think I can dig up my traditional 12 reasons to love you.  Especially if most of them are songs, because you really are a fun dancer to watch!

1. You were charming and bubbly and unpretentious in your second “launch” movie, the one that really made people notice you after the failure of your real launch film, Boom.  In Meine Pyar Kyun Kiya, you were just as charming as Goldie Hawn from Cactus Flower, more so than Brooklyn Decker in the Adam Sandler version.

2. You also got stuck with the Diane Keaton role in Sarkar, and did okay with it!  It was more about presence than acting, and you sold me on a confident overseas desi trying to understand her boyfriend’s family.  Not as good as Diane Keaton in Godfather I and II, but also not as meaty a part.  Plus, you were only 21, I think even managing that much was something of a triumph.

3. Shortly after you had two rom-coms strongly built around your character, and they both worked!  Namaste London and Humko Deewane Kar Gaya, you were just glowing and magnetic onscreen.  Okay, so your performances may have been helped by some judicious dialogue dubbing, but still impressive!

(Also, this song is crazy catchy and starts playing in my head any time anyone says “Fanah”)

4. You weren’t afraid to work hard in multiple films every year, and to take smaller parts in multi-starrers, whether it was Race or Blue or Partner.

5. You never hid your personal life, but you also never promoted it.  Everyone knew you were dating Salman, and you didn’t deny it or highlight it.  And everyone knew you switched to Ranbir while filming Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, and that wasn’t promoted either.

6. You gracefully stood back and let others handle it when the “scandal” broke of your bikini shots with Ranbir on vacation.

7.  You were surprisingly charming in Dhoom 3, selling me on a beautiful woman who doesn’t think about being beautiful.

8. You don’t mind doing item numbers, giving us two of the best in recent years.  Starting with “Sheila”.


9. and with “Chikni Chameli”


10.  I also appreciate how you show up and do your job, even when the film is clearly flawed.  Whether it is Fitoor or Phantom or Tees Maar Khan, you give all you can give every time.

11.  And finally, my last 2 reasons are related, because you were in my absolute favorite film of 2014, with my 2 absolute favorite songs of 2014.


12.  Okay, this ones more like my favorite song of all time.  It just makes me so happy!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif!!!

  1. What I find interesting in that Just Chill song from MPKK is that Katrina basically has two left feet. 🙂 But see how she evolved into a fabulous dancer! Her dances were the highlights of Dhoom 3 for me, and the only reason I kept watching the stupid movie. I don’t think Sheila Ka Jawani can really be called an “item song” can it? I mean, her character was the main female lead, and the song was the standard “character establishing” song for her character, and it was integrated into the story — it was part of a movie she was making as an actress, which was her job in the movie. And the interaction with Akshay during the song both established her character (as per the lyrics), and showed the conflict between the two characters that sets the plot in motion. That song is just as crucial as “Mere Khwabon” in DDLJ. So I wouldn’t call it an item song, though it became insanely popular.

    I suggest you check out a Telugu film that Katrina did to help her learn to act, before she did MPKK. It is quite charming, even though Kat is basically limited to looking beautiful. It is called Malliswari (there is an all-time classic film by that name, too, from the 50’s, but it is spelled slightly differently, and if you search for the title and Katrina on youtube, you’ll get the right film). It will introduce you to another great Telugu actor (Venkatesh), from a slightly earlier generation.


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