Happy Birthday to My Closest Friend!

NOT my best friend!!!!  She is pushing for that commitment, but I am holding film against it, because that is the kiss of death.  Once you say “best friend”, the relationship ends immediately (in my experience).  Like when celebrity couples get tattoos of each other (Saif and Kareena excepted).  But I will say “closest friend”.  And, weirdly, she has the exact same birthday as my father.  Which creates a little testing of loyalties every year as I try to schedule them around each other.  Also Mickey Mouse, but I never really do anything to celebrate him, so it doesn’t really effect my plans.

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Learn Hindi From Film Songs!!!!

This is inspired by Alisa, our new commentator who is trying to get a handle on the films.  And also likes Aamir, thus the orgy of Aamir at the end this.  It’s half tongue in cheek, just an excuse for fun songs, but also serious, these songs will really give you a leg up on some common words.

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Random Silly Post: Bang Bang! My Favorite Move of 2014

I’m still trying to get back in the swing of “normal” posting after the whole Jab Harry Met Sejal massive month long series.  Technically I don’t “owe” another review right now, I’ve done my Malayalam and Tamil/Telugu for the week, my DDLJ (yes, I am finally back to DDLJ) will be going up sometime tomorrow, Hindi Film 101 is happening like usual on Thursday, but it just doesn’t feel like enough!  So, here, have a bonus tiny review of a silly silly loveable movie.

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