News Round-Up: Salman is Still a Virgin, 2 Release Conflicts Coming Up, and Yash Raj Takes Care of Its Own

Slow news day, but Salman did attend the trailer release yesterday, so we got some cool quotes from that.  And there were a couple of release dates announced.  And Yash Raj is going to battle for Parineeti and Bhumi.

The big quote from the Freaky Ali trailer release is Salman saying “I have already answered this one before as well.  Shaadi bhi nahi hui aur woh (sex) bhi nahi hua (shaadi has not happened and ‘that’ has not happened).”  But, I’m not really interested in that quote.  I mean, I’m interested that this seems to be the line Salman has decided to take.  It’s not the worst tactic, it’s a good lesson for his fans, and it cuts off any follow up questions immediately.

I’m more interested in two other things from the launch, Salman joking that the shoot only took 38 days and if he had been in the film it would have taken 138 days, and that it is releasing on September 9th which, they pointed out, is the same release date as Baar Baar Dekho.  I doubt either film will move, because they aren’t really going to be stealing audiences from each other.  Neither of them are a big big “everyone in the country is expected to watch this” kind of release (like Mohenjo Daro and Rustom.  Although Rustom might be backing off a little, it’s cutting down its screen count).  And while Baar Baar is squarely aimed at the fancy high concept story driven multiplex audience, Freaky Ali is a fun fast little comedy film.

Even the making of them is different, Freaky Ali was knocked out in 38 days, a tight cheap little schedule, and Baar Baar took ages and traveled all over the world before it was finished.  Speaking just for myself, I am more likely to see Freaky Ali first, because it looks more fun.  And I bet it ends up making a much bigger profit, just because it was so cheap to make in comparison, even if it does better in single-screens and in-India markets than at the more expensive ticket type places like overseas and multiplexes.

There’s another release conflict coming up that I’m even more interested in.  Jagga Jasoos was just announced (By Karan Johar!  Does Dharma have a piece of it or is it just that he is friends with the makers?) for April 7, 2017.  And Karan announced it as “true blue Disney film of the year.”  But, Bahubali: The Conclusion is also coming out in April!  Won’t that be interesting?

I am super interested that Disney is backing Jagga Jasoos.  Might explain why the making of it was so stupid.  I mean, Anurag Basu for a big silly romance family entertainer?  Basu, of Barfi! and Murder?  Not a very logical director to choose, feels more like that stupid “if you hire a director the critics say is smart, you can trust him to make a movie that will work” theory that got us Fitoor and lost them tons of money.  And which has lead to a whole series of big budget disappointments in America.  And, of course, they also cast a real life couple, which is always super risky, and kind of dumb.  And now, releasing it a few weeks before Bahubali 2.

And then the only other story I saw today that interested me was Yash Raj films taking action against a weight loss company that is using Parineeti Chopra and Bhumi Pednakar’s images in their ads.  First, I’m not too thrilled that Parineeti and Bhumi have lost so much weight, kind of feels like Yash Raj is bowing to international pressure and standards for women in a yucky way.  But I am interested that they are the ones taking action on Parineeti’s behalf.  It’s a new angle on the whole Yash Raj star system.  We already know that they are finding and grooming stars, but now they are taking charge of the star’s public image and protecting them from exploitation.

(Look what happened to Bhumi!)

2 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Salman is Still a Virgin, 2 Release Conflicts Coming Up, and Yash Raj Takes Care of Its Own

    • Hopefully! I wonder if anyone else will try for an April release, or if everyone will stay away and leave the month to those two films only? It probably depends on Jagga Jasoos buzz once an actual trailer is released so people can start forming opinions.= on it. There was a lot of buzz for Bombay Velvet, and then people actually got a look at the thing and completely lost interest.

      (I think we can safely assume that everyone is already super excited for Bahubali 2 and the trailer would have to be really bad to change that, right? I know that’s the case for me!)


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