Two Trailers! Nawazuddin and Ajay!

Two trailers out today!  I think they both might be attached to Rustom/Mohenjo Daro or something like that?  Anyway, they are released online today, and I am excited!

First, a movie from Sohail Khan.  I don’t think of him as having a really distinctive writing/directing/producing voice, more just sort of the Khan brother who is more likely to be behind the camera than in front of it.  But looking at his filmography, he really does have a distinctive voice.  Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Hello Brother, Jai Ho, even his action movies like I: Proud to Be an Indian, they all have a kind of simple average guy hero, not the smooth and perfect and sophisticated type.  Someone with a sense of humor about themselves.  Anyway, I am super excited to see what that sort of flavor tastes like with Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the hero!


I also think the idea for the film is super fun!  Golf is an innately funny sport (The pants!  The bags!  The carts!), and I like the idea of a neighborhood rough guy being thrown into that environment.  Especially someone like Nawazuddin, who isn’t necessarily the toughest or scariest person.


And then there’s Shivaay.  Very very different trailer.  Freaky Ali was all light comedy and nothing serious and laughing at life.  Shivaay is all life and death and very very serious.  And I am so confused!  I think Ajay’s daughter is kidnapped?  And he is a mountain climber?  I’m guessing she is kidnapped to force him to climb a mountain for the bad guys?  That seems reasonable, right?


Really impressive action direction, good for Ajay!  Although I assume he has an advantage there, since he must have been learning action direction since childhood from his father.  And I have high hopes for the storyline as well, since Robin Bhatt helped with the script.  A little nervous about the heroine, Sayyeshaa Saigal, she is only 19 and from the Telugu industry.  On the other hand, she is the daughter of actors, so like Ajay and action scenes, she may have been learning acting her whole life, and so has 19 years of experience.  More importantly, she is Saira Banu’s grandniece!  So you know she’s got the genes to be amazing.

I am curious who plays the little girl, at first I thought maybe it was Sayyeshaa Saigal, but she looks definitely younger than 19, right?  Based just on the trailer, it almost looks like the little girl is going to get more screentime than the grown up heroine.  So I hope they found somebody good!  Probably too much to hope for another Harshaali Malhotra, but maybe!  Of course, what I would have really loved is if they had cast Nyssa, but it doesn’t look like her.  Although I am sure part of Ajay’s interest in playing a father to a daughter onscreen is because of his real life connection to those feelings.


8 thoughts on “Two Trailers! Nawazuddin and Ajay!

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