News Round-Up: Peace Between Hrithik and Akshay, Sultan Crosses 300 Crore, and Amitabh and Aamir to Unite

My favorite kind of news headlines today, the ones that combine big star names with juicy industry news!

First, Hrithik and Akshay tweeted support for each other’s movies in plenty of time before the release date.  Akshay has been pushing his connections hard, getting lots of tweets from fellow stars about Rustom.  While Mohenjo Daro looked to be getting more screens and publicity.  But then Hrithik joined in on the Rustom tweets, “#MohenjoDaro is just 4 days away. And so is #Rustom (wink) @akshaykumar #dostiKiHaiToNibhaniPadegi.”  To which Akshay responded, “Bas kar pagle ab rulayega kya 😂😂😂 Get ready with your popcorn guys, entertaining weekend ahead 😀.”  And now it is reported that Hrithik is arranging a special screening of Mohenjo Daro for Akshay and Akshay is arranging a Rustom screening for Hrithik.  Peace in our time!

Which is probably best for everybody, and anyway it’s too late now.  The prints have been made and the screens allotted.  Any issues with the double-release would have come up a few weeks back, when they were scrambling for screen space and planning their print orders.  So, I’m guessing, both films are planning a slightly smaller release, not like a Khan release where they need every screen in India to get maximum profit.  So they can handle the conflict with no issues.  Not to mention that it really is just between these two movies, Dishoom was a good two weeks ago and Sultan is winding down, so there isn’t anything else they need to compete with and they can each get a solid 50% of all screens.

In other news, Sultan crosses 300 crore today in net, only the 3rd film to do so (after PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan).  And, as I predicted, there isn’t much excitement over it.  It’s not an underdog story or better than expected or anything, it’s kind of what people thought would happen with a wide release Salman/Yash Raj film, so there is no narrative for the media to latch on to.

And, the big big exciting news, Aamir and Amitabh are going to co-star in Yash Raj’s next!  Woot woot!  The movie is Thug, which is supposed to be an adaptation of this novel, written by an Englishmen in the 1830s, it is supposedly an expose of the Thuggee cult (of course, we all know the English had a completely unreliable and romantic view of India so I don’t believe that a word of it is true.  But I am so going to read it!).  I am a little nervous about Aamir in another period piece, Lagaan was fine, but Mangal Panday, blech!  But I am very excited about Aamir and Amitabh co-starring!  So far as I can see, this is the first time they are truly co-starring, not just Amitabh doing a voice over (Lagaan) or Aamir making a special appearance but never sharing screen space (Bombay Talkies).  On the other hand, I hope Yash Raj is stocking up on lots and lots of step ladders.

(So tiny!)

6 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Peace Between Hrithik and Akshay, Sultan Crosses 300 Crore, and Amitabh and Aamir to Unite

    • Yes! And, rumored, Amitabh is going to be his father! Which makes sense in terms of age, but also makes me a little more forgiving of the height difference 🙂 Having Amitabh looming over Aamir will really help convey the idea of them as father and son.


  1. OK, Amitabh is supposed to be 6’1″ and Aamir 5’5′ — so there should be an 8″ difference in height (at least). In your photo, I think Aamir must be standing on something or have some pretty impressive lifts in his shoes.


    • I think it is safe to assume that Aamir is always wearing lifts. And also, the only solution is for them both to stand back to back in bare feet while a neutral party holds up a measuring tape.


    • I think Amitabh is 5′ 11″. It is Abhishek who is 6′ 1″. As for Aamir, I’ve even read that he is 5′ 4″ in some sites.


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