Happy Dahi Handi! (I know I already put up a Janmashtami post, but I don’t care)

I already put up a post with babies to celebrate Krishna’s birthday, because Krishna was a baby.  (I don’t know why American culture doesn’t make that simple connection and make Christmas more about babies instead of trees).  But, at least in Bombay, there is an added twist to the celebration with the “Dahi Handi”.  Which is also a fabulous excuse for really fun song numbers in Bombay-based movies.

1.1 This is such a great Hero’s Introduction scene.


2. This is an old video, but I love the very matter of fact way Shahrukh breaks the pot.  It’s not nearly as dramatic when it’s just sort of swung over to you, instead of having to climb a whole tower of people.


3.  This is a fun song, but it also makes me feel guilty because I still haven’t seen Vaastav!!!


4. I also haven’t seen Hello Brother, but I don’t feel guilty about that at all.  First, because it isn’t that great of a movie.  And second, because I have tried really really hard to watch it (I like Rani and Salman as a couple), and have had no luck!  I even bought the DVD once, and then discovered it had no subtitles once I got it home.


5. Haven’t seen this movie either, nor have I really heard that much about it, so I don’t feel that bad.  But I do like Parveen Bhabhi and Amitabh together, and it is a cute song.


6. Okay, and now the fun one.  Again, still haven’t seen this movie!  But it’s one that’s on my list, because I know it’s worth while.  And this song at least is super great, and I’ve seen it about a million times, because it was played about a million times on every music channel for like a year.

8 thoughts on “Happy Dahi Handi! (I know I already put up a Janmashtami post, but I don’t care)

  1. I remember watching Happy New Year with Nish and she told me that the intro for Abhishek when he’s climbing the tower of people to break the pot — she said it is such a big thing, and they have teams of people competing!


  2. I just became aware that the Supreme Court of India put a limit on how high those human pyramids can go during Janmashtami. (20 ft) Someone with too much time on their hands … 😦

    Re Hello Brother, the most important thing to remember about it is that it is NOT a Salman-Rani romance. No! It is a film made to boost Arbaaz Khan. You have been warned.

    BTW, did you know that Salman sang that song in Hello Brother. The first time he did so.

    You should watch Oh My God because it’s funny, not “worthwhile.” 🙂

    As for Christmas in the U.S., in the days when it was still acceptable to mention Jesus Christ in connection with it, there were a lot of carols about babies being born. (Joy to the World, Silent Night, etc.) Now we have to listen to songs about possibly drunken reindeer. 🙂


      • Ha ha ha. A lot of people are very devoted to PKTDK. I’m not one of them. 🙂 You’ll miss nothing if you never see Hello Brother, especially since you’ve already seen the one song worthy of note in it. OK, you’ll miss one thing — a series of fart jokes that play a part in a murder mystery (don’t ask). You might also want to give a miss to Auzar (Sohail’s first film as a director). It doesn’t have Arbaaz in it, but it might as well have, as once again Salman is sidelined in favor of Anil Kapoor’s brother (I can’t even remember his name now!)* It took several films before Sohail learned that, when you put Salman in a film, you should actually make him the hero.

        *Sanjay Kapoor! Is that Anil’s brother’s name? Sorry, I’m too lazy to look it up.


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