FanVid Post: No Reason, Just Felt Like It

FanVid Post time!  I was debating between that and a post running through all the previous superhero movies in honor of The Flying Jatt.  But FanVids are more fun, right?  And maybe I do the superhero post at some point in the next few days.

1.1. The lyrics of the song don’t quite match the visuals, and yet it works in some strange fashion anyway!


2.  I don’t always like Aish onscreen, but I love Aish and Abhishek together onscreen.  Something about their chemistry just works so well.


3. Why has no one put this song and KKHH together before?  It’s perfect!


4. This is amazing!  So high concept!!!


5. Why are they so cute together?!?!?!


6. Now, normally I would find bits of slowed down b-roll from a photo shoot incredibly boring.  But it’s Shahrukh, so in this case it is hyponotic.


7.  Another one!  Although this one gets  a bit surreal with the deep romantic sexy lyrics over game show footage.


8.  The Shahrukh, Akshay, and Salman parts are fine.  And then the Arjun part starts, and it is so extreme, I almost feel bad for objectifying him.  Almost.


9.  And to end, a nice traditional SRKajol one!  I kind of can’t believe I haven’t posted this one before, but a quick search through the archives shows I have not!


2 thoughts on “FanVid Post: No Reason, Just Felt Like It

    • I had to look it up, I knew it was between Shahrukh’s birthday and Thanksgiving (my two big November holidays). November 22, which means I have 88 days left.

      And I’m currently at 667 posts. I’ve been doing 2 a day most days, but if I up that to 3 or 4 a day, I should hit a thousand easily.


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