Happy National Sports Day! Check Out These Sporty Songs!!!

Happy National Sports Day!  I am sure it will be an extra celebratory one, with the returning Olympic champions.  If you are looking for a good set of songs to watch and think about sports, I am here for you!

1. 1. I am starting at the top, with my favorite sports song from my favorite sports movie!

(Sports!  I have never played a team sport, but this song almost makes me want to.  And not just because my coach might be super hot)


2. Sporty!  After the last Olympics, boxing was suddenly everywhere.  Which is fine with me, especially since it lead to this great song in which Sonakshi does every sport possible, while ignoring Akshay, because she has more important things to think about than romance.


3. Of course, Sultan gave us a whole bunch of sport songs this summer.  I could use one of the training songs, but this is my favorite song on the album, plus it shows them actually competing, not just training.


4. Speaking of Anushka, Patiala House!  And another song I love.


6. Okay, just this once, I will reference Lagaan.  Even though usually I find it way too boring to acknowledge.  Because this is an excellent training song!


7.  On the other hand, Shahid yelling at Rani, never boring!


8.  And finally, my personal work out or other unpleasant task anthem!  Okay, there’s not much sports in it, but there is that little glimpse of Polo.

(Why aren’t there more movies with Polo?  Besides this little glimpse, and the opening of Khuda Gawah, I can’t really think of any)

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