Mammootty’s Birthday and Shahrukh’s Dwarf Film

These two things have nothing in common, don’t even try to find a connection.  But moviemavengal tweeted me about Dulquer’s gift to his Dad, and another commentator pointed out that it was Mammootty’s birthday today and now I feel bad for not acknowledging it at all.  Although I did happen to post my Jagratha review today, so that’s cool!

This is what moviemavengal re-tweeted to me:

Pretty impressive!  From what I can find online, both Dulquer and Mammootty are car collectors?  Shows you how different their life is from mine, they’ve got a garage full of classic cars, I’ve got a closet full of sewing supplies and fabric scraps.  Not quite the same sort of hobby.  Although, it is one I share with my parent!  My mother also has a closet full of sewing stuff and fabric.  And a storage room.  And another extra storage room.  But if I give her more for her “collection” for her birthday, my father would probably lose his mind.

Speaking of my father who is probably reading this post, don’t get your hopes up!!!  I’m not giving you a Mercedes for your 65th birthday next year!!!


Like I said, this is totally unrelated news, but I know there are people who are eager for absolutely anything SRKian.  So, if you are one of them, a hot rumor for you!!!  His next with Aanand L Rai, the one about a dwarf, MIGHT be called “Bandhua” and MIGHT co-star Katrina Kaif.

I am not thrilled about either of these developments.  Well, the title’s okay I guess.  A quick search on “Bandhua” pulled up some interesting information about bonded labor, if there is something about Shahrukh’s differently-abled status making him into bonded labor,. that might be cool.

But Katrina, blech!  I’m okay with her some of the time, but I really didn’t like her pairing with Shahrukh in Jab Tak Hain Jaan and I would be fine if they never worked together again.

(I do like “Ishq Shava”, but that’s in spite of Katrina, not because of her)


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