Ready to be in Awe of Corporate Stupidity? Oh, Also, Casting News!

I almost feel bad, I’ve been putting up so many posts beating the war drums against the corporate run studios, it kind of seems mean.  But then, they’re corporations!  They don’t have feelings.

Bollywoodhungama is reporting that two major production houses were offered, and passed on, Pink.  And then Shoojit Sircar gathered the money and produced it himself, and now it is a big hit.  Okay, “hit”.  It’s a hit because it is exceeding expectations and making a huge profit on its tiny budget.  Not because it’s actually making more money than other films.

Which, really, is kind of the point.  Shoojit had to produce it himself, he had to save money and be cautious, and he had a better idea of what this movie could do and how best to promote it and release it than any corporate house.  He turned it into a “hit”.  Te3n, in comparison, was released on 104 screens in America and made around $200,000 opening weekend.  Pink came out on 62 screens and made around $300,000.  Pink is a hit not just because it is selling tickets, but because it is selling tickets on few screens with minimal budget.  So, yes, corporations were stupid again.  First for passing on this film, and second for taking a similar film (although worse quality) and releasing it wrong.


Oh, and then casting news, Amrita Singh is going to play Arjun Kapoor’s mother again. In Mubarak, that movie he is making with his uncle Anil.  Which was always a little odd, but which is really really odd now that Arjun has co-starred with Kareena in Ki and Ka.  Really, life is just not fair for women in the industry.  Amrita’s ex can keep playing twenty-somethings until he is almost 50, but she has to be stuck in mother roles.  Although, on the other hand, Amrita is AWESOME in mother roles!  So really, maybe she’s lucky, she gets to play much more varied and interesting characters as a mother than Saif does sometimes as a “hero”.

And Akshay has a new movie announced too!  A Priyadarshan/Rohit Shetty collaberation.  Huh.  Interesting combination of sensibilities.  Shetty is just producing, but he also set Priyadarshan up with Yunus, who wrote Chennai Express.  I guess that could work?  What sets Priyadarshan comedies apart for me is that little tinge of sadness and real problems at the heart of them.  Which is not usually Shetty’s thing, but there was at least a small amount of that in Chennai Express.  So if Shetty’s involvement means introducing Yanus and Priyadarshan and then keeping his hands off the product, this could turn out okay.  Oh, and Paresh Rawal has also signed on.  Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Priyadarshan, these are all good names to be together!

2 thoughts on “Ready to be in Awe of Corporate Stupidity? Oh, Also, Casting News!

  1. Don’t stop posting about this topic! It’s very interesting 🙂

    Also who exactly is Sajid Nadiadwala? He seems to produce masala movies like Bhaagi and Dishoom but then I realize that he made Tamasha and now is producing Rangoon. Is he basically making masala movies for the money to be able to produce more off beat stories?


    • Sajid is from an old production family. From back when it was solid middle-class businessman from Bombay who looked at it like any other small local business. He worked in his uncle’s production house and produced his first movie at 26. He secretly married teenage star Divya Bharti that same year, and she died in an accident shortly afterwards. It’s kind of the biggest scandal and most interesting thing about him. Otherwise, he just keeps his head down, makes practical decisions, and works closely with directors. He directed his first movie himself a few years back, Kick, but he hasn’t made any noise about directing again, it could have just been a one off to see if he could do it. And now he is back to working the money and the connections to get other directors’ work on the market.


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