Sanjay Dutt Prepares for Stunts, Harshvardhan Fails at Stunts, and Lisa Haydon Doesn’t Even Try

Okay, my last post was pretty hardcore political.  Well, as political as movie news gets.  You ready for a nice refreshing light weight gossip post?

Sanjay Dutt’s next movie has him playing an aging stuntman!  I am THERE!!!  Great Sanjay role, plays into his whole “I’ve seen things and done things and can do them again” kind of vibe.  Also, it’s supposed to be about a father-daughter relationship, which is definitely something I want to see Sanjay take on onscreen.  Mostly because I can then imagine it relates to his real life father-daughter relationship.

Oh, and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s sister Shelly is supposed to be making the movie, titled Marco Bhau.  Huh.  I don’t think she’s done anything official before.  But I am sure, being in that family, there has been a lot of unofficial training and behind the scenes work, and I am eager to see what she does.


Speaking of stunts, Harshvardhan Kapoor just failed at one.  He got a concussion on the sets of Mirzya, during a fight scene.  Only, not a big exciting fight scene, like when Hrithik got that massive brain injury diving into the ocean in Bang Bang.  No, this was more Amitabh-injured-on-the-sets-of-Coolie style.  A little hand-to-hand scuffle, and Harsh landed wrong and hit the back of his head and knocked himself out a little.  Oh Harsh!  That’s not even exciting!  A mediocre injury received in a trite way.  I suppose it did its job of getting a Mirzya report into the industry press and getting me to read and repeat it, but at the price of making the hero look kind of wimpy.

(Although, it also got me to watch and post the newest song video.)


Finally, Lisa Haydon has given up.  Sort of.  This is kind of nice confirmation that “marriage” is still considered the retirement plan for a film heroine.  Lisa just announced her engagement to Dino Lalvani, the type of wealthy international young businessman heroines usually marry.  Without any further information, just the engagement announcement, her producer of her next movie is already threatening to sue for breach of contract.  Because, of course, she wouldn’t announce her engagement unless she was preparing to stop working.

This isn’t to say married women can’t work, just that the process by which a young female star gracefully exits the industry is an engagement to a wealthy connected guy, followed by a series of lavish parties, and then the occasional spokesperson role for an NGO or showing up at parties or on red carpets.  And lots of instagram photos.  But no more movie roles.

If you plan to work after marriage, you just don’t announce the engagement.  That’s why Asin kept her engagement hidden for so long, waiting for her final film to release.  Once the engagement is announced, the media and everyone else writes you off.  For the health of her final film, she had to stay publicly “single” until the promotions were over.  It’s not the actual fact of the engagement/marriage that damages your career, it’s the big public announcement which also serves as a big public announcement “I want to be known more as a married woman than a movie star from now on.”  Which is what Lisa Haydon did, which told her producer right away that she is not interested in finishing her movie or promoting it or doing anything else besides publicizing her wedding.





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