Monday Morning Questions Post, Aiyaary Week (Finally)!

Happy Monday!  I successfully finished my first week of heartworm treatment!  Well, not “my” first week, the dog’s first week.  But I’m the one who had to give her the pills and rub her sore legs and stuff.  And now, the second week!  In which if her heart rate goes up, she will DIE!!!! (or so the Vet impressed it upon me)  Now, distract me from my overwhelming responsibilities by asking me questions.  Oh, and answering mine, a follow up to last Monday.

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Starter Kit: Actresses, Part 3, Soha to Lisa

I’m continuing to crank through the small time actresses, the ones who only need a few movies to fully understand their careers.  Because it’s a lot easier than trying to deal with the male stars and their longer careers, or the handful of super successful actresses (sorry Rani!  I’ll get to you someday!) (last small time actress post here)

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Detailed Summary Part 2 of ???: Lisa Haydon is the Best!!!

I saw ADHM for the second time last night and, just as I suspected, I enjoyed it much more on a second watch, when I knew what was going to happen and I could focus on just appreciating how they built it up.  And this also means I have a much clearer memory of the details, and can come back to my full summary in multiple parts, all renewed and refreshed!

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