Happy Navratri!!!

Happy Navratri!  So many holidays in the fall!  Which is great, gives me something to post about.

First, my favorite Navratri song, and a movie in which it is actually a plot point (Hrithik’s college band is hired to perform at Amisha’s family party, thus allowing them to spend time together and fall in love).


And then the super popular recent Navratri film, Kahaani, which doesn’t really have any devotional songs per se, but the whole plot and concept revolves around worshipping the female power.


Now, I have some real issues with this movie, but this song really is amazing!!!


That’s just a starting point, feel free to suggest other songs in the comments, I can do 9 days worth of these, after all!

2 thoughts on “Happy Navratri!!!

  1. It has nothing to do with the festival, and it’s not a song, but, if you’ve never seen the Telugu/Tamil film Navaratri, I suggest you watch it now. I believe it is on youtube with subtitles. The lead actress (Savitri) is the same in both languages, while the lead male actor was ANR in Telugu and Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil, so the leading actor of the day. It was remade in Hindi, too, with Sanjeev Kumar, but I think it’s not as good as the original films (I think the Telugu and Tamil films were shot simultaneously, but I’m not fully sure).

    As for songs, I can probably find a lot more in South Indian films (where the festival is a really big deal) rather than Hindi ones. So I’ll look in the next nine days. 🙂


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