Raj Thackeray Gets Personal, Kareena Has an Industrious Hacker, Nawazuddin I don’t even know what to say

I already put up the kind of dull industrial news for the day, but there was some other news, of the more personal and gossipy variety.

Raj Thackeray has now issued a statement in response to Salman’s statement about the Pakistani artist ban.  On my last post, I gave some background on the IMPPA, this time I want to give some background on Raj Thackeray and the MNS (I know a lot of readers from India already know this stuff, feel free to skip it). Raj is Bal Thackeray’s nephew.  He broke off from Bal’s Shiv Sena group in 2006 to form his own group, the MNS.  Since then, he has mostly been in the news for stuff like this, attacking everyone famous from Jaya Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan for some perceived slight to Hindu/Maharastrian sensibilities.  And then there’s a statement and a protest and a call for boycotts and Raj gets his name in the newspaper again.  Meanwhile, his cousin Uddhav (Bal’s son) is running the Shiv Sena party, which has much more “real” power in terms of actually winning elections, and therefore is slightly less eager to chase after headlines.  Although also not to proud to join in on one of Raj’s crusades if it starts to get enough press.

Anyway, now Raj is, as Bollywoodhungama puts it, “miffed” at Salman for making a statement.  I’d put up the exact quotes, but I can’t find a source I trust for them, so I’ll just give you the general sense.  He argued that artists should be patriots and stand up for the country.  That there is plenty of talent in India, no need to go across borders to find it.  And then he made a comment about how he hoped Salman didn’t make his remarks “at night”, taken to be implying that Salman might have been drunk.  Which is a bit personal!  Oh, and then not Raj, but Manisha Kayende, a Shiv Sena leader, pulled out the usual “if [prominent Indian Muslim] doesn’t like India, they can always go to Pakistan” argument.  So I guess Shiv Sena is dipping its collective toe into these waters to see what kind of a response they get.  But mostly I like this story because Bollywoodhungama described Raj as “miffed”, which I find hilarious.


In other news, Kareena Kapoor Khan has been hacked!  By a super boring person!  Who filed a fake tax return?  Why can’t I ever get hacked by someone who would do my taxes for me?  Or reconcile my bank account or pay my rent check or do any of those other boring things?  I’m assuming the point was to try to trap her in some funky financial shenanigans with the fake return, but it’s still a funny image.


And then a less fun story, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been named in a police complaint about domestic violence related to dowry demands by his sister-in-law.  I’m torn here.  Because normally, I would say “always believe the victim”.  And I’m mostly still saying that.  But also, there are those times in the past when it has been shown that people really do go after movie people because they are soft targets, wealthy, and yet still someone the police and media are willing to believe the worst about.




3 thoughts on “Raj Thackeray Gets Personal, Kareena Has an Industrious Hacker, Nawazuddin I don’t even know what to say

  1. The MNS (Maharashtra Navanirmana Sena — i.e., dedicated to rebuilding Maharashtra) focuses on Maharashtrian interests, they don’t care about any religious angle. The Shiv Sena also started as a Maharashtra focused party, and only recently, and occasionally try to stand up for Hindu interests. (both of these parties are famous/notorious for going after Indians from other states who work in Maharashtra, thus “stealing” locals’ jobs.) Raj Thackeray is much less successful politically than either his late uncle or cousin. So, to some extent, he’s still trying to find a political formula that works. You want to know something else that might blow your mind? Raj Thackeray and Salman have been friends since childhood, as they were school or even classmates. It goes back to your fascination/frustration about how interconnected everyone is. 🙂

    I haven’t read the actual news story on the Nawaizuddin charge. But, just for your information, this law under which they have been charged has turned out to be a very poorly written one. “Draconian” would be a mild description. Its worst part is that an accusation has only to be made against some man for him and his whole family to be imprisoned without bail, and all their assets frozen so they don’t have access to any money to even hire a lawyer. Not only celebrities, but many ordinary men and their families have been destroyed through false accusations. When it was first enacted, I was all for it, thinking it would give a powerful legal weapon to women to combat dowry harassment, but unfortunately it has turned out to be the opposite. Many Indian feminists whom I respect have come out strongly against this law, and are working to try to get it revised.


    • thanks for the background on the law! Usually these kinds of accusations are so rarely investigated, and there is so little benefit to people making them, that I just assume the accusations are true. But it sounds like in this particular case, the law makes it really easy on the “victims” so there would be more reasons to file a false report.


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