News About Historic Monuments, Eiffel Tower and Mannat

I said “historic monument” as a joke about Mannat, but that’s actually what the controversy is about!  Mannat’s historic status.

First, the Eiffel tower!  Aditya Chopra is going to launch the first Befikre trailer at a grand event at the Eiffel tower on October 10th.  Or, a week from today.  I am excited!  Oh, and the articles are focusing on how this is a “historic” trailer launch because it is the first time a film event has been held at the Eiffel tower.  That doesn’t seem right, does it?  I’m assuming this is just going to be a press conference/event type thing in one of the areas that is available for rent.  Surely some other film producer at some point in the past has rented the same space for something film related.


Second, Mannat!  It’s always referred to as a “heritage bungalow”, which I thought was just a fancy way of saying “old”.  But from this story, it sounds like it’s a specific legal status?  I remember the news from a year ago about there being complaints about a ramp Shahrukh had built that encroached on the public road.  That seemed reasonable to me, massive construction that affects public access is a time to get the municipality involved and levy a fine.

Image result for mannat

But now there is a further complaint asking that his lease be cancelled and he be thrown out?  He’s just leasing the place?  And it sounds like the contract is with the “Collector” of Bombay?  So I guess a “heritage bungalow” means a bungalow that is owned or at least supervised by the local government.  Oh, and this further complaint sounds a lot less legitimate than the original one.  In response to the original one, they immediately removed the ramp and paid the fine in full, like within less than a day.  But now this new complaint brought by Watchdog Foundation (hmm. Always suspicious when these random interest groups get involved) says that because of the original ramp issue, Gauri and Shahrukh have voided their lease and should be thrown out.  Oh, and also, the “real” name of the house is Villa Vienna, and Shahrukh is also violating his lease agreement by only displaying the name Mannat, and not both Villa Vienna and Mannat.

Speaking just for myself, I would rather live in a newer less cool house and be able to actually own it outright and not constantly be fighting with some oversight group about modifications.  When I am a famous and wealthy movie star, that’s what I will do.

2 thoughts on “News About Historic Monuments, Eiffel Tower and Mannat

  1. Well, the Watchdog Foundation was the group that filed the complaint about the ramp issue, so from their point of view, they are just completing the same issue.

    And yes, “heritage bungalow” is a specific legal designation, which comes attached with many conditions, mainly not to spoil its structure or looks, and to preserve it for historical purposes. That is if one manages to get a lease to it in the first place. There has always been controversy on how SRK managed to get the permit to live in it, from the beginning. And when he added a block of buildings in the back for his offices, there were complaints filed that this violated the terms of the agreement on heritage buildings because the new buildings alter the looks of the heritage building. So this is not a new issue (about violating the lease agreements).

    A “Collector” is an administrative term left over from the British era. It is actually a high level administrative position. Each District (bigger than a city or town, smaller than an entire state) has a Collector in charge of it, who is like a mini state governor in U.S. nomenclature, in terms of being the ultimate authority on whatever goes on there – mainly tax collection and civil matters.

    I also don’t think the Salman issue is a “controversy” in the sense of being manufactured. While he is a big enough star to weather the storm, it is definitely a storm, not a tempest in a teapot. Perhaps not as big as some other storms he’s been through, but this time it’s about something he actually said, not something that was manufactured.


    • Thanks for the background! I always have to edit out so much stuff to keep these posts short and snappy, it’s nice to have your comments kind of round out the context for non-desis (most of my readers are from India).


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