Befikre Teaser!!!!!! A Move Towards Sexual Freedom!

Why is this not bigger news?  Out of all the people I follow on twitter, only industry analyst/journalist Taran Adarsh tweeted it.  And it only had like 20 thousand views on youtube when I last watched it.  Maybe the content is making Adi look for a slower roll-out?

Befikre has been slightly low profile all along, so in case you missed the previous announcements, here is how Adi first announced he would be making a smaller unusual film that was close to his heart as his 4th film as a director.

Image result for befikre announcement

And this is how he had the casting announced:


And now he has gently slide out the first song:


It’s catchy, right?  And tells you absolutely nothing about the movie.  But, man!  Is that ever political!

Lots of kisses, which were until just recently completely forbidden on Indian film.  And an argument that love means kisses, which is even more new age.  But, more importantly, so many Queer images!  It builds too, starting with just the drag king and queen kissing, and then moving on to straight-up close-up lingering shots of same sex couples of all kinds.  Fascinating!

(“Kuch To Hua Hai’ had a similar sequence hidden in the middle, but it was less kissing and more cuddling)

So all this tells us about the movie, is that those first look shots of Ranveer and Vaani kissing were not a coincidence, it will be a very kiss-y movie.  And that their love story will be about fearlessly embracing physical love.  I am still hoping for something like “they’re both dying!” or something as a reason that it is actually brave to embrace love like that, not just “love for love’s sake!” something.  And I really hope it isn’t fearless because one of them is engaged/married.  I am just so sick of those plots.

And what it tells us about Adi is that he is ready for a lot more sexual freedom in India/on Indian film.  Although, did you notice none of those couples included a Desi?

6 thoughts on “Befikre Teaser!!!!!! A Move Towards Sexual Freedom!

  1. Wow! I have watched enough Indian films that even though there were no Desi couples, I still felt a little frisson of scandal! I loved it!!!

    And you’re right that this has been super quiet and not trumpeted by everyone else like Karan’s teaser.


    • I am just so curious about this movie! I thought Adi was going for more of a “sleeper hit” type thing, release it without a big name but count on word of mouth, but considering how little press there has been about it, and how quietly this teaser was released, maybe he was actually telling the truth when he said it wasn’t going to be successful and he wasn’t interested in the numbers.


  2. We have been bombarded with news of how Befikre has 11 kisses, 21 kisses…..from so many sources.Who cares about kisses these days? This was the same way Yash Raj promoted Neal ‘n’ Nikki back in 2000.And we know how that worked for them.After all these years, they can’t come up with a fresh strategy!


    • I am really really hoping there is some hidden hook to all this kisses focus. Beyond them just kissing a lot. I don’t know what it would be, but surely Aditya is too smart to just have them kiss, right? I don’t want to watch 3 hours of a couple kissing with no character development or anything else interesting!


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