Happy 5 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

Okay, getting down to the wire, and a little bit silly as the excitement builds, you ready for my 5 favorite aspects of Shahrukh’s appearance?

5. His 2 dimples (I’m counting them as one)

Image result for shahrukh pardes

4. His noble nose, proudly making his face not quite the same as anyone else’s.

Image result for shahrukh nose

3. His beard (when he has it).  It would be higher, except it’s not around so much.  But when it is there, it is very very good.

Image result for shahrukh beard

2. Eyebrows.  It’s not so much what they are, as what he does with them.  He is constantly raising them or lowering them, or using them to make little puppy dog eyes at us.

Image result for shahrukh beard

1. 1. That hair!  That thick soft black hair!  You just want to run your fingers through it, you know?  Kind of feels like Karan must feel the same way, and that’s why he did a whole love song set in a salon.

6 thoughts on “Happy 5 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

  1. For me, hair, nose, eyebrows, eyes, teeth. I could do this all day! 🙂 I’m so glad he didn’t mess with his teeth ever–they’re so important to the shape of his mouth and his expressions, menacing, goofy, sweet, or sardonic.


    • thought about eyes, but for me it isn’t the eyes themselves, but how he frames them with the eyebrows that really sells it.

      Also, I felt really embarrassed to put up this post topic, glad to learn I am not the only person who has thought long and hard about it!


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