Happy Halloween!!!

You ready to get spooooooooooky?  Well, kind of.  I can’t really think of many super scary Indian films.  Partly because I just don’t like scary/horror films.  And I already blew my idea for a post on not-so-scary songs that I just really like from bad horror movies back on Friday the 13th. I know there are a lot of them, especially in the last few years, but I don’t really watch them.  So let’s see what I can do with what I have.

This is kind of a ghost story and a ghost song, right?  Certainly the goal is to scare Arjun Rampal.


One of India’s first suspense thrillers!  Mahal, which is kind of Rebecca, but way more twisty.  Anyway, this is Ashok Kumar arriving at his mansion (or “Mahal”) and hearing the supernatural voice of a woman through the building.


Ek Thi Daayan is supposed to be a surprisingly good movie, a horror movie that actually builds characters and suspense and all that.  But I’m not going to see it, because it sounds scary!  Although, on the other hand, Emraan looks really good here, right?


Usually it’s more like Bipasha Basu playing a bitter aging actress/witch trying to destroy the woman who took her career/boyfriend.


Or Bipasha playing a young psychic. (I love this song, by the way.  I don’t even care that it is apparently a blatant rip off of an American song I had never heard of)


Or Bipasha playing a sexy young hotel owner who’s guests are being terrorized by a Creature (thus the title “Creature 3D“).  The point is, if it’s a horror movie, it’s a Bipasha movie!


Unless it is Sunny Leone, her new competition for Scream Queen.  Who was in a song I find legitimately TERRIFYING!  Even though I think it is supposed to be sexy?  But, Gah!  That moment when all the hands are pulling her down!


And finally, the best horror film song of all time, probably.


UPDATE: Filmilibrarian just reminded me in the comments of my all-time favorite ghost movie song!  Also my all-time favorite religious hymn.  I think of this every time I walk by the Hari Krishna temple on my street.  And try very hard not to start singing it, because if is NOT RESPECTFUL.

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Don’t forget Bhool Bhuliya for another spooky one (though I’m not sure I can ever rewatch it because of Shiney, I do watch the awesome Vidya dance/possession scene every once in a while). Also, not Hindi, but I am developing a soft spot for Diljit Dosanjh and I really liked his Punjabi-language ghostbuster movie Sardaarji.


    • Shiney Ahuja is a whole other kind of scary.

      I recently discovered, thanks to my amazing Malayalam commentators, that Bhool Bhuliya is a remake of a much more awesome Malayalam classic. Which kind of ruined the remake for me, for one thing the original has an actual world-class best ever dancer/choreographer playing the Vidya role, and her dance/possession scene is just on another level. Plus there’s a much more explicit progressive anti-religion message to the film.

      On the other hand, the title song from Bhool Buliya is one of my all-time favorites, because I have low taste, and it is all I think of when I hear the Hari Krishna chant.

      I didn’t know about Sardaarji! I have seen a grand total of 1 Punjabi movies, but now you are inspiring me! Maybe I watch Sardaarji tonight. Diljit is dreamy (only knowing him from Udta Punjab and my one Punjabi movie, Jatt and Juliet. But that’s enough to know he is dreamy)


      • So glad you tried Sardaarji. The first 20 minutes are a great setup, indeed! Did you like the rest of the film? The female lead(?) isn’t great but I love his chemistry with Neeru Bajwa, the ghost, though their chemistry was the only thing going for the Jatt & Juliet movies. I’m not usually into goofy supernatural films, but this one really charmed me and it’s all because of Diljit Dosanjh. He’s got some real talent and I can’t wait for Phillauri. Also recommend him in Ambarsariya, another goofball/spy Punjabi comedy.


        • I did like it! But I agree with you about the female lead. Neeru’s character had some real spice to her, but the other actress just seemed like she was there for eye candy. I wrote my review already, but I’m not posting it until tomorrow, because of course today is reserved for just Shahrukh.

          On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 8:44 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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