Another Birthday Gift! Shahrukh Releases a New Interview

He already gave us a Dear Zindagi trailer, which was wonderful, but just to make sure we fully celebrate, he gave us another video as well!

Anupama Chopra, who is my favorite Indian film author (tied with  Rajinder Dudrah and Raja Sen), also has a TV interview show and a TV review show and all sorts of TV stuff.  I don’t like her on camera nearly as much as I like her writing, I think her style of journalism is about sifting through things and giving context and so on, which works better in writing than in interviews in the moment.  Highly recommend her DDLJ book from the British Film Institute, her Sholay book, and First Day, First Show, her retrospective collection of articles.  And, of course, her book on Shahrukh.

But, I’m still not going to turn down a new in depth Shahrukh on camera interview!  Especially if he is wearing really good jeans, and an unbuttoned shirt.


It’s a fun interview!  At least, this part of it, there are supposed to be more.  I especially like when they stop to drink wine with some random Italian lady.  And when he pauses to say “hi” to the random Desi suitcase store owner.

It’s not very in depth so far.  Just sort of drifting around the surface about acting and theory and stuff.  Although that could also be because they are walking around the streets of where ever this is, with bad sound set-up and distractions and so on.  Maybe in part 2 or 3 they will actually sit down and talk seriously and deeply.

Of course, I am grading on a curve, because it is Shahrukh.  If this were a Hrithik interview, I would say this is about as deep as he goes.  But Shahrukh has gotten way way more esoteric and deep and personal than this in other interviews.

And then there’s part 2!  Still walking past random Italians.  But I find it a little more interesting, especially the part where they talk about what makes him decide to do a film.  And the part where he starts kidding around about what it’s like to have everyone love him all the time.  “I’m completely living in a bubble.  And I love my bubble!”


Oh, and that brief glimpse of talking with Hrithik and Amitabh and Salman, like Gods, about how the need to help their people.  That was fun.

But really, it’s mostly about the shirt.  Fasten two more buttons, and I would have lost interest in this interview 2 minutes in.


And this is also just an appetizer before the main course, Koffee With Karan Alia/SRK combined interview, on Sunday!  (any bootleg streaming advice in the comments would be appreciated)


4 thoughts on “Another Birthday Gift! Shahrukh Releases a New Interview

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  2. I love all of Shah Rukh’s interviews and those with Anupama have been among the best. (Well, also those with Barkha Dutt–although after the negative fallout following his 50th birthday interview with Barkha I’m not sure there will be another anytime soon, and not because Shah Rukh has a problem with Barkha.)

    In part 2 of this interview with Anupama, he refers to the falling out he had with her. This part of the conversation starts at around minute 5:35, and then at 6:28 SRK says, “And yes, when you wrote what you wrote I held it against you because I thought that was unfair.” He goes on about how she was doing her job as a journalist but adds, “I feel closer to her (Anupama) that she could have given me that much leeway.” He says he no longer holds it against her and then talks about failures, etc.

    I know there was an issue between them and, as I understand it, Anupama hadn’t interviewed Shah Rukh since Chennai Express before doing this one. But I don’t know what the story was. Do you?

    (Sorry, couldn’t wait until your Monday morning questions to ask this one!)


    • Hmm, you’ve stumped me! I went back to watch that part of the interview, and it’s confusing. She starts out with a general question about something she wrote 15 years ago, she could have been talking about back when he was still coming up and she was a working journalist cranking out interviews and articles without really thinking about them. And back before they were such close personal friends.

      But then, you’re right, he says something about having forgiven her for what she wrote, and it sounds like there was a serious personal issue in the recent past. It looks like she gave a really bad review to Happy New Year, maybe that’s it?

      I don’t think Anupama really deals with anything outside of hard film journalism, so I can’t imagine she would have written about gossip or scandal, so it could only be a film review he is holding against her.

      And you can always ask me a question! I love questions! I just put up the Monday posts to have a sort of holding area for them.


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