Give Away News!!! Now That It’s Time For the Next Holiday!

Well, Shahrukh’s birthday is over, which means it’s time for me to start revving up for Christmas.  I loooooooooooove Christmas.  In my Christmas post last year, I said I had 3 Christmas trees.  For my one room studio apartment.  Well, I went shopping after that, and now I have 8 Christmas trees.  And that’s in addition to my Christmas village and my string of 2 foot long light up candy canes.  And I several years ago, I found a special way of combining my Christmas and Indian love.

Years and years and years ago, when I had no money and needed a cheap Christmas gift idea for my friends, I discovered customizable Holiday photo cards.  They are sooooooooo cheap!  And sooooooooooo fun!

I now have about 7 years backlog of left over cards, plus the 4 separate designs I just ordered for this year (I got excited and couldn’t decide between them).

So here’s the deal.  Every week between now and January 1, whichever commentator makes the most comments that week will get a Christmas card!  I’ll announce it on Saturday, and send the winner a private message on the same day asking for their address.  And, since I should have enough cards that everyone will get a different one so I won’t be spoiling the surprise, I will post a photo of last week’s card at the same time I announce this week’s winner.

Oh, and once you win once, you are disqualified from future weeks.  There’s 9 weeks to go, so that means everyone has 9 chances!

Does that make sense? Is it super confusing?  Hopefully it will make more sense on Saturday after I announce the first winner.

And, just to start getting you in the mood:


17 thoughts on “Give Away News!!! Now That It’s Time For the Next Holiday!

      • They are absolutely the best cards ever. Who wants cards with family pictures of neighbors and relatives when you can have a card with a picture of Shahrukh for Xmas! Mine was displayed prominently so I could see it whenever I walked into my house much to my husband’s irritation. 😉


    • My plan is to NOT see Dear Zindagi! I’m flying out to my sister’s house, and the nearest Dear Zindagi theater is probably going to be about 2 hours away. Which seems like a completely reasonable distance to me, I am lobbying strongly for the two of us taking off in the only car and leaving her husband stranded for 7 hours. But she has some strange sense of spousal guilt that is stopping her.

      Alternative plan, I drug the turkey, wait until everyone else falls asleep, steal the car, and return 7 hours later with no one the wiser. Although now I’ve said that on the internet, so I have lost the element of surprise. Curses!!!!

      (the real plan is to watch Manam and Sardaarji and Dishoom at some point over the holiday weekend. Those should all be good family movies, right? Last year we did Bahubaali, which was perfect, because everyone got into it, even the cool guy grad student house guests)

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      • Lol, I’m sure Dear Zindagi will be playing long enough for you to watch it a couple of times.

        I haven’t seen Sardaarji so can’t comment on that. Did you like Dishoom that much? I thought it was just average. Manam on the other hand is what I consider a perfect family movie!


        • I didn’t like Dishoom that much, but I think it might be the perfect movie to have on in the background. You can walk in and out without worrying about missing anything, and my brother-in-law won’t complain about it being too sappy.


          • That’s true, it’s good to have on while doing something else. So what are your favorite Hindi comedy films?


          • Comedy is hard, because it doesn’t really translate, you know? There’s a lot of social situation jokes that I don’t get because I don’t have enough background, and a lot of language jokes that i don’t get because I’m not fluent enough. So I can tell you my favorite comedy movies, but be aware it isn’t a judgement on what are the best comedy movies, it’s just the ones that actually make sense to me!

            Chupke Chupke
            Munna Bhai
            Andaz Apna Apna
            Hera Pheri/Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar/Anything Priyadarshan


          • I agree with you that comedy doesn’t translate much. I rarely find Hindi comedy movies to be really funny. I think the only comedy movie that I find to be hilarious is Chennai Express. But then the movie is filled with spoofs and parodies of movies that i’ve seen before.

            I’ve heard that Andaz Apna Apna is really good but I’ve never gotten the chance to see it before.


          • I’ve seen Andaz Apna Apna twice now, and I enjoyed it much more the second time. There are a lot of jokes that come so fast it takes a while for you to notice them. But then it gets funnier and funnier on re-watch.

            I also like Chennai Express! It did a great job with all the spoof and parodies, but then it also grounded them in some basic character conflict, Shahrukh being this preening city guy and Deepika being this village girl with no time for him. Oh! Bunty Aur Babli too! The jokes really worked for me in that one.


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