Happy Birthday Tabu!!!

Tabu is 45 today!  Not the biggest star, at least not any more, but one I am inordinately fond of.  So, 14 reasons I love her, for the age she was when she made her first film.

1.1. I love you because you played Dev Anand’s daughter in 1985 at age 14.  Becoming one of the many many actresses discovered by Dev, and starting at a younger age than most other actresses.

2. I love you because you started as a heroine in Telugu films, Coolie No. 1, after playing that child role in Hindi films, and then coming back to Hindi films in Pehla Pehla Pyar 3 years about Coolie No. 1.  You didn’t mind the lag time between the two films, or moving between industries.

3. I love you because when you finally got some momentum in your career, you hit the ground running.  After having a hit in Vijaypath in 1995, you had 8 releases in 1996.  Including one Tamil, one Telugu, and one Malayalam (Kalapani, which is on my list).

4. I love you because this song is fabulous and it is mostly on you!  The way you sell it as just pure happiness.

5. I love you because you where the lead in the first Tamil movie I ever saw, and you were brilliant!  And also, this song is great.


6. I love you because while you were in a deep and emotionally complex Tamil remake of Sense and Sensibility, you were also in a massive Rajshri multi-starrer.


7. I love you because you starred in a very different kind of movie with Mohnish Behl a few years after Hum Saath Saath Hain, Astitva.


8. I love you because somehow, despite starting out playing the heroine in a series of action movies, you turned into the acknowledged art actress of Hindi film.  And still made movies like Hera Pheri.

9. I love you because you were one of the first “cross-over” actresses, cast in the critical darling The Namesake in America.  And then I love you even more because you did the one interesting role, and then returned to India, with no interest in pursuing an American career.

Image result for the namesake

10.  I love you because you stopped by the Main Hoon Na set to visit your friend Farah Khan, and agreed to do a random cameo.


11.  I love you because you were in Cheeni Kum!  Taking a risk on an impossible plot and an unknown director.


12.  I love you because you reunited with your Maqbool director for Haider, talking the Gertrude role and making it even bigger.


13.  I love you because you were the only decent part of Fitoor.


14.  And finally, I love you because you can also play an over-the-top Punjabi housewife opposite Anil Kapoor!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tabu!!!

  1. Have you seen Ninne Pelladatha yet? The Nagarjuna movie that was recommended to you? Maybe you’re not aware that Tabu is the heroine in that one? 🙂 When I saw it, I wasn’t that much impressed with him, but definitely with Tabu, even though it’s a more or less “standard heroine” role. Strangely, that was the first movie I saw her in.


      • I want to see it! But no subtitles. At least not on youtube or other sources. It’s a two screen problem, if I can find it on youtube or amazon or googleplay, I can watch it on my TV while I write blog posts. If I can only find it on einthusan, I have to stop writing blog posts and use the computer only for that.


        • Sorry, I forgot about the subtitles aspect. You may not be able to find a subtitled version. The film is just old enough that it may not even have them on dvd.

          There’s another Telugu film that I would really like to recommend to various bloggers, but alas, again I haven’t found a version with subtitles. If you want to check for it, the title is Tommidi Nelalu (9 months). It stars the late Soundarya and Vikram, and is a very interesting take on surrogate pregnancy.


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