New Befikre Trailer! Is this Aditya Working out his Social Anxiety?

I saw the existing trailer on the big screen last night before Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (second watch, many new thoughts!).  And seeing it on the big screen, not on my little youtube window, one thing became clear: I really don’t like this movie.

It just seems so selfish!  I don’t want to watch young people running around Paris having sex and laughing at other people.  I want to watch people who are aspirational, who make me want to try to be better.  They don’t have to be perfect, they can even be super super flawed, but I want to see them struggle to be better, to make me believe that I can be better too.


This new trailer doesn’t really change much.  The only thing it slightly adds is a sense of the two of them doing these things because it makes the feel free, powerful, untethered.  Which is slightly more noble than just as a turn on before they have sex again.  But really, there has got to be more!  Something!  A tragic backstory, a twist at the interval, a realization of how empty all of this ultimately was, SOMETHING!

Also, what’s with all the bets being sexual/exhibitionist?  There isn’t anything like skydiving or writing a novel.  It’s all public stuff.  I guess that’s kind of interesting, since Aditya clearly has some kind of social anxiety disorder.  Maybe this is his way of working some stuff out?



8 thoughts on “New Befikre Trailer! Is this Aditya Working out his Social Anxiety?

  1. I really like this song that they just released but I didn’t like the video song or the trailer. This doesn’t seem like an Aditya Chopra film at all!


  2. Throwing in a cure for cancer or making the perfect chocolate cake would have made the challenges a bit more interesting.At least the challenges in Zindagi na milegi dobara had something going for them.These are so self-indulgent and pointless. There’s a rumor going around that there was something going on between him and his lead actress and the movie was all about indulging her.Reminds me of Ram Gopal Varma and his endless attempts at promoting Antara Mali.Second hand jawani indeed.

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    • NOOOOO!!!! There can’t be something between him and Vaani! What about Rani? Sitting at home with his baby, for whom he is making this movie (it’s releasing on Adirani’s first birthday).

      At least Antara Mali had some talent, I really started to hate RGV when he moved on to Nisha Kothari.

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  3. They are back together again.Apparently Rani’s impromptu Paris trip during the shooting was all about damage control.There were a lot of comments in the net about Rani getting her “just desserts”.In the trailer Vani reminds me of a poor copy of Anushka.After all Abhay Deol was called Poor man’s Bobby Deol at one point in spite of his acting chops.


    • I don’t know what Adi was thinking casting Vaani. Even if she turns out to be super talented and fabulous and all that, she is such an unknown quantity. Like you say, everyone will think of her as “Poor man’s ——” just like Abhay, no matter how talented she is, because she doesn’t have her own identity yet. Adi could cast anyone in the world, why her?


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