Dear Zindagi: New Trailer, and Censor’s LOVE It!

If you care about the censor board’s opinion, they like Dear Zindagi.  Personally, I don’t care at all, but I am kind of surprised by the extreme level of support they are giving it!  Oh, and there’s also a new teaser.  Oh, and the full album just came out!  7 days before the movie release.  And no Ali Zafar songs in sight.

According to sources, the censors say:

“There is not a single cut, verbal or visual. The censors actually said it would be a crime to cut even one shot from the film. They also singled out Shah Rukh Khan as the A-list actor with the least censorial intervention required in his films,” – See more at:

My goodness!  Shahrukh is wholesome?  I guess he is!  I just react sort of unwholesomely to him.

R. Balki is also wholesome, Bollywoodhungama pointed out that all of his films have passed with no problems, Cheeni Kum with the May-December romance, Paa with the illegitimate child, Ki & Ka with all the kissing, all went through!  It could be because the overall excellence of the films, and the virtuous intent of the director, shone through and the censors in their fairness and wisdom passed the films.  But, this is the Indian censor board.  So I’m going with Balki having some juicy blackmail on all the members.  Hopefully he shares it with Farhan and Shahrukh so Raees can sail through too.

Oh, and also, new teaser!  Not a lot new about it, a Shahrukh voice over about how we are taught to hide our emotions, over little clips we have already seen in the other trailers of Alia falling apart.  Only thing to discuss is that I hope the “hide our emotions” full discussion in the film includes a gender component.  Because it’s not little boys who are told to smile through sadness and anger, that’s a girl thing.


Oh, and soundtrack!  I know what I will be listening to at work today!


Although it’s too bad they had to cut the Ali Zafar songs.  On the other hand, could he ever make anything that could possibly compete with the beauty of this?



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