News Round-Up: Bhansali and the Bachchans and Censor Versus Censor

Happy Veteran’s Day!  I bring you greetings from my sister’s living room while we watch Nagarjuna on the TV (we needed something nice to wake up to).  Very exciting to wake up to, SO MUCH NEWS!!!!  Including the continuing saga of Abhishek.

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Dear Zindagi: New Trailer, and Censor’s LOVE It!

If you care about the censor board’s opinion, they like Dear Zindagi.  Personally, I don’t care at all, but I am kind of surprised by the extreme level of support they are giving it!  Oh, and there’s also a new teaser.  Oh, and the full album just came out!  7 days before the movie release.  And no Ali Zafar songs in sight.

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Censor Board Spat and Shakespeare

The censor board doesn’t have a problem with Shakespeare, they just both happen to be in the news at the same time.  Although I bet the censor board would have a problem with Shakespeare, if they were working in England in the 1500s!  All that sexual humor, barely veiled political content, and bad language would NOT fly!

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