Box Office Update: Raees Breaks the International Box Office in Order to Re-form It

Global figures are out!  Actually they were out on Monday, but I forgot to check.  It’s been so long since I cared about figures!  Because we had weeks of “Dangal does awesome, not really news” and then “OK Jaanu does terrible, still not really news.”  But now, news!  The first week of Raees and Kaabil, how did they do? (figures, as always, come from Rentrack by way of Bollywoodhungama)

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FIRST RAEES SONG!!!!!!! (Shahrukh is not shirtless)

I sent this link around to all my friends, of course, and about a minute later I got a message from one of them saying “Shahrukh doesn’t even show up for the first 29 seconds, what’s the point?”  Followed by a complaint about the presence of a shirt.  So you can see that we have a fairly limited area of interest for song sequences.  But, setting that aside and viewing this objectively, I think this is a pretty good one!

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Kaabil Trailer: Isn’t it Kind of a Waste for Hrithik to be Married to a Blind Woman?

Kaabil trailer!  I would say “hey!  What’s with all the trailers this week?”  But I know what’s with all the trailers, they are coming out a couple of days before the Diwale releases, so there will be buzz and excitement to see them on the big screen attached to the big Diwale releases.

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