Post for Americans Only: Follow Up To Women’s March

Ugh, that feels so exclusionary!  It’s just because it is a political action post, and unfortunately if you can’t vote in American elections, this won’t be that useful for you.  Also, sorry that it’s not really Indian film related, I will return to regularly schedule blog programming on my next post.

As you know if you are a regular reader, I went to the Women’s March on Saturday, along with about 10% of the population of Chicago (I think 10%.  Math is hard.).  It was an exciting and hopeful experience, but it is meaningless if we don’t follow up on it.

So, here’s how you can follow up:


After you click the link, it is going to take you to a screen where you can print a file of a postcard to send in to your representative (Congress person, state rep, Senator, or all 3!).  You can write anything you want on it, so long as they know that you care about what they are doing and are watching them.  And you care enough not just to sign a petition online, but to print a postcard and write on it and mail it in.


And, okay, to tie it just a little bit into the theme of this blog, part of what gives me joy in watching Indian films is the strong female characters in some (not all) of them.

(Not at the beginning of this film, but certainly by the end, Sridevi would have been marching with us on Saturday)

And part of what I have learned from watching them is to have a greater connection with the South Asian community in my own country, and therefore I care about what happens to them.

(Okay, not the best example for a film about Indians in America, because the political message is a bit confused, but I like the images of this song.)

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