Happy Women’s March Day!

I’m not posting today because I’m taking the train downtown to be in my local Women’s March.  If you aren’t in America, this is a protest march organized for the day after Trump’s inauguration.  A million women are descending on DC (2 of my friends are going, including a grandmother from my church quilting group) and every city in America is having it’s own version.  Anyway, while I’m busy marching around or whatever we will be doing (I haven’t been to a protest in years, not since my parents took me when I was a little kid to the anti-Gulf War ones, so I don’t really know what happens), I thought I might as well schedule a theme post to go up so you can share the experience.

It’s a general protest march, but it’s also specifically for and by woman, a group that will be suffering a lot for the next 4 years.  So I wanted to put up some videos to remind us how awesome women are.  First, my favorite, which is pretty old now but still relevant.  Put up by “Breakthrough”, a human rights organization that works in India and abroad.


2016 was a great year for movies and songs that make you feel good about being a woman, and not afraid to stand up for yourself.

Neerja isn’t officially a feminist movie or about women’s rights or any of that.  But really, it is.


15 thoughts on “Happy Women’s March Day!

    • I’m back! Biggest damage: Mother Nature was on our side, so it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day around 55 degrees, and I got super dehydrated and a little sun-burned. Oh, and my friend broke a cuticle holding up her sign. So we both have scars of battle!


        • Honestly, I don’t think they even would have been noticed if they were there. I was in Chicago, which according to some reports was second in size only to DC. With 250,000 marchers, it would have to have been an awfully large rented mob to have even made themselves heard.


    • thank you for reblogging!

      I don’t know if you will read this, but part of the reason I am marching is related to the content of this blog. I’ve spent over ten years watching Indian films, and following Indian news, and visiting my local Indian stores. And it’s made me care even more than I might have other wise about the rights of my fellow citizens who are Indian or Pakistani or Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan or Nepali or anywhere else in the world where these films are watched heritage. The march I went to closed with a South Asian heritage woman reciting the Adhan, which was one of the most meaningful moments for me.

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      • I did read it all. It isn’t much, but I did write a poem about Bollywood and some of the older stars. A work buddy of mine watches the older classics a lot! Maybe my SEARCH feature can find it for you? Do you not like the content here? Please check out–via SEARCH–my blog for women’s issues, you may be (hopefully) pleased at least a little!


    • hope you feel better! And I agree, Swades was a brilliant choice.

      By the way, I was thinking about you the whole time, seeing as I was surrounded by pink hats and signs as a symbol for women.


      • You cannot begin to imagine my relief, as I alternately slept and hacked my way through the week, that I did not get any media queries about the use of pink. (For puzzled readers, it’s because I wrote a book about the history of gendered clothes for babies and toddlers, including the use of pink and blue.)


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