Happy March to the Polls Day!

I am not marching to the polls because DOG.  Or else I am, because the dog I wanted wasn’t available at the shelter last night (I don’t know, I am writing this from The Past).  Anyway, I wanted to mark the day somehow, the anniversary of the First Women’s March, when there is a second march reminding us all that the fight continues.

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Post for Americans Only: Follow Up To Women’s March

Ugh, that feels so exclusionary!  It’s just because it is a political action post, and unfortunately if you can’t vote in American elections, this won’t be that useful for you.  Also, sorry that it’s not really Indian film related, I will return to regularly schedule blog programming on my next post.

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Happy Women’s March Day!

I’m not posting today because I’m taking the train downtown to be in my local Women’s March.  If you aren’t in America, this is a protest march organized for the day after Trump’s inauguration.  A million women are descending on DC (2 of my friends are going, including a grandmother from my church quilting group) and every city in America is having it’s own version.  Anyway, while I’m busy marching around or whatever we will be doing (I haven’t been to a protest in years, not since my parents took me when I was a little kid to the anti-Gulf War ones, so I don’t really know what happens), I thought I might as well schedule a theme post to go up so you can share the experience.

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