Watch a Movie With Me in 36 Hours!!!!

36 hours, right?  24 hours plus 12?  1am GMT on Sunday is what I mean.  We will watch Hum Saath Saath Hain while being hum saath saath hain on twitter!

Just go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #HSSH.  I will tweet out a 15, 10, and 5 minute warning.  I’ll also give us a bathroom break in the middle (it is a very long movie).

Join us to discuss (and make fun of) the 3 romances!  The incredibly complex family and honorary family relationships!  The subtle sexual vibe between Mohnish Behl and Shakti Kapoor!  The not-subtle sexual vibe between Salman and Sonali!  And how Saif is romancing the actress who will turn into his sister-in-law 10 years later.

And, of course, the catchiest song of all time:

2 thoughts on “Watch a Movie With Me in 36 Hours!!!!

  1. That song was my favorite part of the movie when I first watched. It’s so great!

    And I never thought about Saif romancing his future sister-in-law. It’s similar to Aishwarya’s sexy dance for Amitabh in Bunty aur Babli. Kind of gross! I’ll be appropriately skeeved out this time.


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