Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have ADVENTURES!!!!

Happy Saturday! I should be cleaning the house and organizing the basement storage unit and generally being a good person. But instead I am going to have ADVENTURES! I have shoes to pick up at a super far outlet store, and I have a massage scheduled, and I need to do recycling. A Grand Day Out.

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New SRK Trailer! And in Other News, I Don’t Think He is Running His Twitter Any More, Boo

Woot, teaser trailer and release date announcement! As I suspected, YRF was trying to avoid a Brahmastra and didn’t want to announce ANYTHING until they successfully managed to finish filming during pandemic, and were able to pick a safe theatrical release date. Better to wait and then announce one time, for sure and certain, then go to early and have to keep changing it.

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Let’s Look at SRK’s Recent Tweets! They Aren’t That Exciting, But At Least They Exist!

Remember the golden days when Shahrukh’s twitter was just his stream of consciousness thoughts flowing out? I feel like people who missed that era, missed a whole part of him. When his fans say “he’s so smart, he’s so quick, he’s so original”, that’s what we are talking about. Unfiltered, unprocessed, pure SRK. You just can’t see it in the interviews or any other way. Anyway, now it is very filtered and very processed, but at least he is tweeting again.

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Hindi Film 101: Social Media Stories and Truth

This is going to be a tricky discussion to start. My Dad just sent me a link to a fascinating story in the New York Times about a twitter hoaxster, and it played into a concern I have had for a while about how anonymous social media internet sources are used again and again as though they are unquestionable truth told to you by a friend. Oh, and remember, NO POLITICS. But I am very interested in social politics, if that makes sense? If you want to talk about gender issues or race issues, totally here for you. Just nothing related to specific political parties and how they use the internet.

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Reminder to Promote Me! Be Honest With Yourself and The World, Link Me When You Use My Thoughts and Tweet Me When You Like My Articles, Don’t if You Don’t

Yes yes, more guilt!  As I said in yesterday’s post, the cute Dog Hazel photos were nice, but not actually effective.  People just skated right by them and didn’t do anything.  So I am back to the detailed guilt inducing ones.

The other websites that provide equivalent content to mine (professional trained analysis, news and reviews and box office, 4 major language industries) have massive corporate sponsors and a dedicated marketing staff.  They pay for tweets, they pay for ads, they pay for google searches.  And in return they get benefits for promoting certain movies (whether that is actual money, or just access).  I have none of that.  I am poor and honest.

All I have is decent content and hope.  So please, help me!  If you are on twitter, DON’T simply retweet me, far more effective to tweet a link to one of my articles with a personal comment from you about why you like it.  It takes more time, but people know it takes more time, and know that you must really mean it.

If you are active on any other sites or in any other communities, when you comment, SITE ME.  If you say “I think the overseas fans are looking for something different than the Indian fans” add on “as Margaret explains in her blog”.  If you say “I think Chekka Chivantha Vaanam is a movie without any real heroes” add on “as said in this review link here”.  If you say “I think Kangana has erotomania” add on “as this article here argues”.

And most of all, don’t lie!!!!!  Everyone can tell if you lie, and it ruins the one thing I have going for me, which is that I am clearly transparently honest and unbiased.  If you don’t like something I wrote, if you just skimmed it and don’t like it, then don’t lie to The Internet and say you liked it and understood it.  The Internet can tell you aren’t telling the truth.  And I guess, don’t lie to yourself either, if you find yourself saying something, take a moment and think about whether you learned that through intense research and consideration and original thought, or if you are just parroting something you read here.  And if so, either don’t say it at all, or say it with a link back to me.

Twitter Update: Karan Snaps at Trolls, How Do We Feel About That? And Shahrukh is With Cute Kids, How Do We Feel About That?

Twitter update!  And something for us all to chew over today as I continue with my Sister Weekend (did you know Hasee To Phasee on Amazon does not have subtitles?  Because ErosNOW is THE WORST????)

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Well, My Day Started HORRIBLE!!!! But I am going to find a bright side in everything, because that’s what I do

Not a great start to the day here!  Hopefully it gets better.  Or else I will get a pizza on the way home tonight (my soothing stay inside treat) and hide from the world with Dog Hazel, that works too.  Or just rely on my natural optimistic instinct to find the silver lining and force myself to be happy.

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News Round-Up: Shashi Aftershocks

I know it seems like I’ve done way too many Shashi posts, but he is the only news right now, the biggest news right now.  Because in the Hindi film fraternity, a death like this has an impact beyond just grief, there is a process to it that dominates everything for a few days.

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New Jab Harry Met Sejal Song Trailer! Also, Twitter is Terrifying

Well, this was interesting!  For the first time ever, I got to experience the twitter madness of waiting for a song trailer to come out.  Because usually the time zones/my interest level doesn’t allow for it.  And I have to say, twitter is a cesspool of stupidity and misinformation!  Who knew?  Anyway, I am glad I usually stay off of it.  Although this was kind of fun to experience once.

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Watch a Movie With Me One Week From RIGHT NOW (No, this isn’t an April Fool)!!! #MPK

If you are a regular reader, you should already know about this.  But just in case you missed one of the earlier posts, or just started following me today, An Announcement!  We are planning a twitter watchalong in exactly one week from now, 7pm Chicago time Saturday the 8th, of Maine Pyar Kiya.  You can join in or following along using the hashtag #MPK.

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Watch a Movie With Me on Twitter! Maine Pyar Kiya, Evening of April 8/Morning of April 9 (depending on where you are)

I put up a post a week ago asking for votes on dates and films, and the winner is April 8/9 and Maine Pyar Kiya!  Well, the qualified winner.  There were a lot of split votes, Mann kind of tied with Maine Pyar Kiya.  But Mann is apparently completely unavailable in Australia, so Maine Pyar Kiya it is!

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AIB and SRK: Podcast Report! 5 Interesting Things!

Thanks to the nice commentators here, I was alerted that Shahrukh had just done a podcast with AIB, and it was a hoot!  I watched the whole thing, in two parts, and it was very enjoyable.  But most of it was in the kind of “it’s the way he said it” way, so I can’t exactly recreate it.  But there were 5 interesting things that came up that I want to discuss.

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