Twitter Update: Karan Snaps at Trolls, How Do We Feel About That? And Shahrukh is With Cute Kids, How Do We Feel About That?

Twitter update!  And something for us all to chew over today as I continue with my Sister Weekend (did you know Hasee To Phasee on Amazon does not have subtitles?  Because ErosNOW is THE WORST????)

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Job Ad Post: I Need a Social Media Manager

Everyone else is better at this stuff than I am!  And I could get better, or learn to be better, maybe, but it is honestly making me miserable.  So I need someone to do it for me.

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Well, My Day Started HORRIBLE!!!! But I am going to find a bright side in everything, because that’s what I do

Not a great start to the day here!  Hopefully it gets better.  Or else I will get a pizza on the way home tonight (my soothing stay inside treat) and hide from the world with Dog Hazel, that works too.  Or just rely on my natural optimistic instinct to find the silver lining and force myself to be happy.

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News Round-Up: Shashi Aftershocks

I know it seems like I’ve done way too many Shashi posts, but he is the only news right now, the biggest news right now.  Because in the Hindi film fraternity, a death like this has an impact beyond just grief, there is a process to it that dominates everything for a few days.

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New Jab Harry Met Sejal Song Trailer! Also, Twitter is Terrifying

Well, this was interesting!  For the first time ever, I got to experience the twitter madness of waiting for a song trailer to come out.  Because usually the time zones/my interest level doesn’t allow for it.  And I have to say, twitter is a cesspool of stupidity and misinformation!  Who knew?  Anyway, I am glad I usually stay off of it.  Although this was kind of fun to experience once.

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Watch a Movie With Me One Week From RIGHT NOW (No, this isn’t an April Fool)!!! #MPK

If you are a regular reader, you should already know about this.  But just in case you missed one of the earlier posts, or just started following me today, An Announcement!  We are planning a twitter watchalong in exactly one week from now, 7pm Chicago time Saturday the 8th, of Maine Pyar Kiya.  You can join in or following along using the hashtag #MPK.

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Watch a Movie With Me on Twitter! Maine Pyar Kiya, Evening of April 8/Morning of April 9 (depending on where you are)

I put up a post a week ago asking for votes on dates and films, and the winner is April 8/9 and Maine Pyar Kiya!  Well, the qualified winner.  There were a lot of split votes, Mann kind of tied with Maine Pyar Kiya.  But Mann is apparently completely unavailable in Australia, so Maine Pyar Kiya it is!

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AIB and SRK: Podcast Report! 5 Interesting Things!

Thanks to the nice commentators here, I was alerted that Shahrukh had just done a podcast with AIB, and it was a hoot!  I watched the whole thing, in two parts, and it was very enjoyable.  But most of it was in the kind of “it’s the way he said it” way, so I can’t exactly recreate it.  But there were 5 interesting things that came up that I want to discuss.

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Watch Hum Saath Saath Hain With Me! Sunday Feb. 5 1am GMT

Oooo, that headline sounds so fancy!  “GMT” and all that!  To make it simpler, 2/5/2017 1am Greenwich Mean time is 7pm 2/4/2017 Chicago time (where I am).  It is 2pm Sydney time (I think), and various other times all over Australia (Australia is weird!  13 TIME ZONES!!!!!).  And 10am in Japan.  And 6:30am India time (sorry Indian readers!).

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Last Raees Song! Mika Singh Appears

The final (probably) Raees song has just been released.  And it is the Mika Singh song that is apparently required in every hit film now (Mika or Yo Yo or Badshah).  Tough and a little Bhangra mixed with hip-hop sounding.  Less hip-hop in this case, more 80s style.

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Watch a Movie with me Tomorrow!

I’m doing another live twitter watchalong!  Just like I did for Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham a few months back (click here to see how that went)!  This time, Kal Ho Na Ho!  Which is available in American Netflix, as well as most streaming services.  It will be at 10am Chicago time tomorrow, which is 8:30pm on Sunday the 18th India time, 1am Australia time (sorry Australia people), 11am New York time, and 8am California time.  Join in by searching for the hashtags #KHNH (for Kal Ho Na Ho) or #DCIB (for my book, Don’t Call it Bollywood, which this is nominally promoting.  And which you should all read!  It’s really good!).

Want to watch a movie with me? Virtually?

My publisher is helping me set up a watch along of K3G in a couple of days.  If you want the live and fresh experience of my take on a film, check it out on twitter at my account, @mredlich21, or starting at 8pm CDT time on Thursday the 2nd (that’s 6:30am Friday the 3rd in India and I am embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to figure that out) follow and join in with the hashtags:

More information is available here: