FanVid Post: Strong Women!

Thank goodness, I was smart and subscribed to every good fanvid maker that I ran across.  So now I get updates when new wonderful videos are posted.  Like the one that just went up today with Rani from Aiyyaa.

I love this one!  I already kind of liked the American song, and it fits perfectly with the whole Aiyya vibe.


I know I already put this one up in some other post, but I have to put it up again, because it fits so well with the last one!


Another one!  With a whole mix of ladies being all confident and powerful.


I love it that Rani gets the grand finale of this video!


Even in a female empowerment theme post, I can’t resist an SRKajol video!


And something a little different!  A “Goddess” song, but not the kind we usually get.


I already put up an SRKajol, how about some Ranishek in here?


Okay, this is the video I have been looking for all along.  I remembered it existed but I couldn’t find who made it!  But I think it was worth my hour long quest, don’t you?


6 thoughts on “FanVid Post: Strong Women!

  1. That Meredith Brooks song from the last video was my high school girlfriend’s favorite song. I must have heard it 500 times back then! It brings back some memories. Oh my, that “B.I.T.C.H.” video is hot! And I’m lovin’ all the Rani!


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